Sunday, 17 December 2017

How to Make a Doll dress! - Aish

Having Girls at home is fun, innovative and think out of box! My two girls often make me think more and creative..We three together made two beautiful barbie dresses just with cloth, scissors and our creative hands!!

Kids love to spend time with their toys and dolls by creating stories and like to narrate them to us. Of course would love if we grown-up join them by guiding them creatively and innovatively..

Let's try out at our home this simpler way of dressing up dolls.

10 Minutes Doll Dress up with No-Sew and No-Glue

Image: Chirp Cheer N Chai 

Materials :

1. Any cloth (even old or worn out)
2. Scissors
3. Pencil 
4. Small plate.

How to Make a skirt in four steps :


Image: Chirp Cheer N Chai 

1. Place the plate on the cloth and Mark the boundary with a pencil, then cut it as a circle.

2. Now fold the circle first into half, then again into another.

3. Cut a small portion from the tip of the folded circle.

4. Pull up the cut portion till the waist of the doll.

Doll's Skirt is ready! 

How to Make the top in three steps :


Image: Chirp Cheer N Chai 

1. Cut a little broad vertical piece from the cloth according to the doll's length till waist.

2. Cut both the edges of the cloth in the middle to a certain length.

3. Place the cloth in the frontand the the two edges at the back.

Doll's top is ready!


● Just cut a thin vertical piece of a cloth and tie around the doll's neck..A pretty scarf is ready!

● Take another thin vertical piece of cloth and tie around the waist..A lovely belt is ready!
Image: Chirp Cheer N Chai 

A Perfect Treat for Kids! Do try this lovely, creative jewel for your kids along with their help, they would love forever!!

Monday, 4 December 2017

Selfless Authenticity- Pri.

(Equip with self-dogmatic resources recreating avenues for reasoning and re-altering decisions)

Ability to educate oneself is the right way to end obsolete knowledge and enunciate ways to refer. Owing to the essence of clarity that enumerates access to relevant information is what is affirmative. When there is what is known as authenticity is when one reaches the core. Road to recovery is the path that leads to the ultimate destination of love and affection. Knowing that it is not acquisition of wealth that makes you rich, but it is the acquisition of understanding of existence that makes you rise above all is realization. The following are ten instances that we apply some highly interceptive ideas to relieve ourselves from being caught-up in illusive worldly life.

  1. When routine feels like there is no passion or purpose:

Routine must feel like calming river flow, when not felt close to this then it needs a change or revamp. Change brings new perspective and this could lead to loving the routine.

  1. When love feels heavy and overpowering:

Love is supposed to make one feel light and empowering. If not, acknowledge the blocks and analyze the outcomes. Looking inside to clear any blockages or unsolved issues might open-up and release fears and negativity leading to joy.

  1. When laughter becomes robotic:

Laughter is the release and expression of joy and excitement of inner-child. If there is no innocence in laughter then the core essence is lost. Awaken the child-like enthusiasm in you to understand life to the fullest.

  1. When life feels empty beyond existence:

Life feels like nothing when interests are buried-in and social requirements are sought after. Live to satisfy your soul-requirements to break free from the arresting boundaries of this materialistic world. This might tap open the faith in you.

  1. When trust and faith seem very meager:

Trust and Faith exist where there is Positivism and Empathy. Start by trying to help others and feel the gratitude to enliven your own dormant optimistic beliefs. This might bring agreement between your own mind and heart.

  1. When agreement involves tremendous arguments:

In the world of co-existence it is utmost important to value agreement, though it involves exchanges of thoughts, oppositions and ideas. When these arguments take a new level of competence there is no solution to be found. Try to surrender , forgive and forget even if you are right. Sometimes, this act of surrender could change the perspective of the opponent in a while.

  1. When forgiveness is enveloped in ego:

Forgiveness is meant to be openly flowing from heart, encompassing it within ego complicates everything in life. Let go and peel off the ego to unravel your true-self.

  1. When beliefs are questioned ruthlessly:

Beliefs are essential tonic for enhancing dull and exhausted minds to seed positivity. Questioning to get the purpose of beliefs is knowledge, but if the questions are meant to break the foundation so as to prove the greatness of self then it becomes intellectual abuse. If you are the one abusing, step-back and empathize. If you are being the victim then self-love will bring out your inner-confidence.

  1. When self-love is materialized:

Self-love is a powerful soul-reviving ingredient to achieve life altering realization. When it is materialized, the whole concept of peace is ridiculed. You cannot buy self-love, you can only see it within yourself. Stop and reflect to find your true authentic self.

  1. When truth and authenticity are not known to be normal:

Truth and authenticity are the purest forms of existence, it is supposed to be perfectly normal. When not perceived as normal then it is time to be fearless and expressive.

This leads to the ultimate road to recovery from the delusive enticing worldly stagnation.