Monday, 5 February 2018

9 Best Home Cures for Pedicures - Aish

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Be it Summer, Winter or any season we name, the most used as well affected body part equally to our face is our feet. But the reality is, the more we care for our face we tend to ignore our feet. Normally, we feel why spend money to one's feet when we conceal it with shoes or sandals and due to this we get sore feet, cracked heel or nail fungus. 

To avoid such infections, spending hugely for spa and travelling to salon ; why not sit at home, relax, try out natural pedicure for our feet and feel the wonders!!

In the field of dance, performances on different places with varied surfaces are customary. 

Thus being in this art form for years made me discover these natural pedicures by unwinding at home free from travel hassels.


1. Mix Rice flour with honey and apply on the feet. Rice flour exfoliates the skin well while honey acts as a skin toner.

2. Apply Vaseline on the feet and wear socks before heading to bed. Made out of petroleum jelly, Vaseline helps preventing clogs in pores.

3. Soak feet in the warm water mixed with salt and lemon, the best result for fine feet. The citric acid in lemon and salt help in cleansing the deep pores in skin.

4. Soak feet in warm water added with rose water and glycerin. Glycerin helps in cell maturation and retains the smoothness of skin while rose water acts as an anti-inflammatory that can help reduce skin irritation.

5. Soak feet in the soapy water and then scrub with the pumice stone to get the glowing feet. Pumice stones are used for removing dead skin and calluses around feet.

6. Better to wear socks or slippers when at home if not wearing shoes indoors.

7. Before heading to bed get a bottle of warm water and roll it up on the bed to help oneself feel the warmth on bed.

8. Soak feet in the warm water with vinegar added to it. The acetic acid in Vinegar helps in reducing nail fungus. 

9. Not many homes are with hot bags to eliminate cramps or pain in legs. A gentle rub on the pain with a warm water filled glass bottle helps in reduction of pain and acts as a smoother.

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These handy tips for Pedicures help us get our lovely feet back..Not necessary to cover up too much then on..



Sripriya said...

Tried a few of your tips Aish. Really working.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Priya! Happy these therapies helped in a great way!