Sunday, 17 December 2017

How to Make a Doll dress! - Aish

Having Girls at home is fun, innovative and think out of box! My two girls often make me think more and creative..We three together made two beautiful barbie dresses just with cloth, scissors and our creative hands!!

Kids love to spend time with their toys and dolls by creating stories and like to narrate them to us. Of course would love if we grown-up join them by guiding them creatively and innovatively..

Let's try out at our home this simpler way of dressing up dolls.

10 Minutes Doll Dress up with No-Sew and No-Glue

Image: Chirp Cheer N Chai 

Materials :

1. Any cloth (even old or worn out)
2. Scissors
3. Pencil 
4. Small plate.

How to Make a skirt in four steps :


Image: Chirp Cheer N Chai 

1. Place the plate on the cloth and Mark the boundary with a pencil, then cut it as a circle.

2. Now fold the circle first into half, then again into another.

3. Cut a small portion from the tip of the folded circle.

4. Pull up the cut portion till the waist of the doll.

Doll's Skirt is ready! 

How to Make the top in three steps :


Image: Chirp Cheer N Chai 

1. Cut a little broad vertical piece from the cloth according to the doll's length till waist.

2. Cut both the edges of the cloth in the middle to a certain length.

3. Place the cloth in the frontand the the two edges at the back.

Doll's top is ready!


● Just cut a thin vertical piece of a cloth and tie around the doll's neck..A pretty scarf is ready!

● Take another thin vertical piece of cloth and tie around the waist..A lovely belt is ready!
Image: Chirp Cheer N Chai 

A Perfect Treat for Kids! Do try this lovely, creative jewel for your kids along with their help, they would love forever!!


Erika said...

Those doll dresses are so cute. I wish I had one for myself

Chirp Cheer N Chai said...

Thank you for stopping by Erika!! 😊😊
With kids its wonderful to do stuffs they love!