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2 Simple Natural Remedies to Regularize Periods - Aish

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Irregular Periods are a common problem among women.The frequency of a normal menstrual cycle is between 21 to 35 days whereas irregular periods are with more than 35 days. 
Numerous factors deal with irregular periods  like stress, travel, anxiety, anemia, weight loss or gain, diabetes, poor diet, excessive exercise, thyroid or other health disorders. 
Having a menstrual irregulariy once in a while is not to be concerned much. But when the period exceeds it is better to get back the proper cycle. 
When such irregularities occur let us take some natural remedies which are rightly available at our home. 

Here are the top two Simple and Effective Natural remedies to regularize Menstruation:

1. Ginger Juice

  •  Peel the ginger and take in a bowl after grating it well.
  •  Blend the ginger by adding little amount of water.
  •  Wait till all the deposits settle down and pour the water in another bowl.
  •  Take a pan and heat a heap of sugar / grated jaggery mildly.
  •  Before taking it out from the gas stove, pour the ginger water on it and mix well.
  •  Allow it cool well and then drink the Ginger Juice.

Benefits :
Ginger is enriched with antioxidants and helps in getting the contractions and clears the unwanted deposits in the uterus. 
Ginger also helps in reducing the menstural cramps and pains.

2. Black Sesame Ladoo / Sweet balls


  • Take a cup of black sesame seeds and fry till it bursts out in a pan.
  • Allow it to cool down after taking it off the stove.
  • Blend the seeds dry and keep it aside.
  • Take 3/4 cup of Jaggery and grate it well.
  • Now blend the powdered black sesame along with the jaggery.
  • With the moist from the jaggery, we could easily make round balls / ladoo OR 
  • Add ghee to the powder and make Black Sesame ladoos.

Benefits :
Black Sesame seeds helps in the circulation of blood and with the essential fatty acids they augment optimal hormones.
Jaggery is rich in iron content and helps in strengthening the menstrual hormones.

These simple and quick natural remedies help in regularizing menstrual cycle and strengthens the uterus creating a balance in our health chart!

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