Wednesday, 4 April 2018

How to keep Oneself fit during Pregnancy - Aish

Motherhood is an amazing period both during pregnancy and after. Our health concerns keep freaking us a lot during this period. Most of all we ponder on our fitness, the gaining weight, changes in skin color, baby’s growth, our mood swings, anxiety etc...

The following became a part of me during my Motherhood period apart from visits to Doc and taking the required supplements prescribed to keep myself and the baby healthy:

1. Indulging mostly in Healthy and homemade stuff which were easily digestible and at minimal times trying out some less spicy outside stuff.

2. Took plenty of water and fresh fruit juices during the intervals to keep hydrated.

3. To avoid cramps in feet, took a banana which is rich in potassium each day and before heading to bed had a warm water dip for my feet.

4. When there was more craving, took fruits, milk, homemade sweets and savories.

5. Used to sit on floor more often and never skipped walking even to nearby places from home.

6. Reading spiritual books, prayers and meditation kept me confident in mind and heart.

7. Spending quality time with family members by talking and laughing more with them.

8. Music, watching favorite humorous sitcoms and movies helped to relax more.

During pregnancy, also trying out simple exercises and yoga keep us fit. Such simple day to day activities and tips not only help us gain confidence but surrounds us with love and peace both in mind and soul. When our mind is healthy, our body sustains the considerable growth and strength to protect us and the baby within.

With loved ones around us, having lovable thoughts, and feeling the new love arising inside us, we will feel fit physically and mentally! :)

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