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Simple Crochet Doll Dress - Aish

Dolls are our favorites!! And if that is Barbie, Oh, we love to hold one. Now that our kids are so into the dolls, we are brought to the nostalgic memories of having our favorite in hand. My kids are so much in love with the dolls that made me think of creating a wonderful dress through Crochet!

This is a simple spaghetti dress for beginners. A quick and easy method of creating a doll dress with single crochet.


Image : Adiya Steps


Cotton Yarn – 2 oz of any color
Crochet Needle – H/8 – 5.00MM
Tapestry Needle
Stitch Markers (Optional)


Below the Waist 

Pattern :

  • CH (Chain Stitch) – 25
  • SC (Single Crochet) – Rows 1 to 7 with CH 1 for each row around

How to Make :

  1. To start with, first make a knot by pulling up the loop down.
  2. Then make a CH  of 25.
  3. After completing till 25, bring the yarn to the start, the place where we started our first CH as a round.
  4. Now pull over the yarn through the first loop as a SS (slip stitch).
  5. Make one CH and then proceed with the SC around on each loop.
  6. TIP : To go on the loop, take two on the top and leave the yarn in between for the single crochet. The flow looks Beautiful.
  7. Continue this from Row 1 to Row 7.
  8. TIP : To start with the next row, use a stitch marker at the end of the previous row and then keep going for each.
  9. NOTE : For each row, continue SC after CH 1.

For the Waist 

Pattern :

  • Row 8 and 9 – SC – two together then 4 SC with CH 1 for each row, around
  • Rows 10 – 16 – SC with CH 1 for each row, around

How to Make : 

  1. To proceed with the waist, we have to shrink a bit.
  2. So, for the next two rows, 8 and 9, we are starting with the CH 1 and then proceed with two together SC (loop on the first and loop on the second, then pull the yarn together through the two loops).
  3. Then Continue, four SC on the next loops.
  4. Repeat this for the two rows around.
  5. For the Rows 10 to 16, continue with the SC on each row, around.
  6. NOTE : For each row, start with CH 1.

For the Chest 

Pattern :

  • Rows 17 – 18 – repeat the same with SC and CH 1 for each row, around
  • CH 1 and then turn with SC on the front row only, not around for two rows.
  • Row 19 – CH 1, then SC two together, then 5 SC and last again with SC two together, only on the front row.
  • Row 20 – CH 1, then SC two together, then 3 SC and last again with SC two together, only on the front row.
  • Row 21 and 22 – CH 1, then go around with SC on each loop.
  • End it with the (SS) Slip Stitch on each row to know the continuation.

How to Make : 

  1. Continue with the SC for the next rows, 17 and 18.
  2. Now to increase the length in the front side of the dress, we are going to continue with the SC only on the front row and leave the back row.
  3. So start with, CH 1 and SC for the front row.
  4. Continue one more row by repeating the same procedure.
  5. Now for Row 19, start with CH 1, then SC two together (loop on the first and loop on the second, then pull the yarn together through the two loops).
  6. Then proceed with 5 SC and again finish with SC two together.
  7. This should be done only on the front row.
  8. Now start Row 20 with CH 1, then SC two together.
  9. Then Proceed with 3 SC and finish with the SC two together.
  10. This also should be done only on the front row.
  11. Now for the next two rows, 21 and 22, start with CH 1 and then proceed with SC on each loop.
  12. End it with the SS.

For the Shoulder Strap 

Pattern :

  • CH 8 on the right end of the loop
  • Then SS at the back evenly.
  • Finish off and cut the yarn.
  • CH 8 on the left end of the loop and repeat the process for left strap.

How to Make :

  1. To make the strap of the dress, we have to CH 8 from the right end of the front row.
  2. Then evenly pull the loop to the back and then make a SS.
  3. Pull over and cut the rest, leaving a small tail of the yarn.
  4. Take another thread from the yarn to make the other strap.
  5. CH 8 on it and insert on the left corner of the front row of the dress.
  6. Pull over and cut the rest again leaving a small tail of the yarn.

Image : Adiya Steps

Finishing Touch 

To give a beautiful touch to the dress with no flaw on it –

  1. Reverse the dress by bringing out the inside of the dress.
  2. Insert each of the hanging yarn tails through the tapestry needle.
  3. First thread inside the yarn through the top, then sideways and then down.
  4. And cut of the rest of the yarn.

Recap of Abbreviations –

CH – Chain Stitch
SC – Single Crochet
SS – Slip Stitch
SC two together  – Loop on the first and loop on the second, then pull the yarn together through the two loops.

A Wonderful, creative, Simple and Quick Doll dress is ready! The best project for any beginners and the best gift to any Girl!!

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Love you MOM! - Aish

Mother’s Day come every year, but being everyday with our Mother is a gift. This real incident happened in our home with the emotions, departure, yearn, affection and love.

Our home too was filled with joy, tense, excitement, anticipation and deep thoughts on this day, as it happens in each home during the day of 12th board exam results.
“Shyam, Dad’s on phone. He wants to talk to you.” I shouted and gave the receiver to him when he came running with anxiety, uttering “Must be my results!”

The contented smile on his face made us feel happy that he got more than expected. Dad was all smiles when he reached home and said, “With such good percentage you would definitely get into the college of your choice.”

This did happen and Shyam was ready packing his stuff to one of the prestigious institutions in our country but quite far from us. Going to North India is quite a thought for people down south and to a place near our Capital city is way beyond it. Our bags were pretty filled with warm stuffs as the temperature up there would be low comparatively.

Mom covered herself with the Pashmina shawl that Dad had gifted, when leaving from home. That shawl was so dear to Mom as it was the first gift Dad gave her after their marriage. Dad had bought this from Chandigarh during his Official trip just before their wedding. So, whenever we travel, the shawl would be her first companion.

We all loved his college, hostel and his instant friends who were freshers like him. We spent a day exploring the place and finally had to bid farewell to him. It was such an emotional adieu for all of us, the first-time parting for a longer period. Shyam laid his head on Mom’s lap, just as he does always whenever he feels low, with tears rolling on. It was time for our flight and we had to depart with heavy hearts.

With our thoughts engrossed with memories and events, we reached the Airport and were ready to board our flight, when Mom realized that her shawl was missing. She could vaguely remember her wearing the shawl in Shyam’ s college but could not recall whether she started to Airport with it, on her.

Already with Shyam’ s departure and with the shawl missing, Mom was totally perplexed when she entered home. She started murmuring, “What is Shyam doing? So worried whether he ate and slept well.” Controlling her emotions, she sat and looked at her lap were he used to lay his head on.  Just then, our landline started to ring, “Shyam!” Dad shouted with glee hearing his voice through phone. Mom grabbed the receiver gently from Dad as she could not control her happiness to hear his voice. It was as though applying the right medicine for her inner grief.

“Ma, I did miss you so much. I did miss sleeping on your lap. But I really had a good sleep last night, way than I thought. I had the feeling that I slept on your lap. All thanks to you Ma for leaving your shawl behind. Placing the folded shawl under my head, I felt as if I was laying my head on your lap. Love you Ma!” exclaimed Shyam delightfully.

Mom could express no words hearing this. Happiness knew no bounds on her face when she slowly placed down the receiver and started on with her daily chores, back with her sweet smile. Her treasure is with her priceless possession.

The Memorable Gift : Poem - Aish

To the store we went to purchase,
Two wonderful shawls without any haste.
For my uncle in abroad,
With my Aunt, Cousins, Mom and Dad.

There was a Pashmina Shawl so beautiful,
That turned my Mom’s heart wishful.
But she felt not that important to possess,
As the climate outside had heat to caress.

Thoughts were on the shawl for Mom,
Even after we all coming home.
But Mom along with all of us was quite glad,
To get the stuff uncle wished he had.

Next day, we had a surprise visitor,
It was Dad’s old friend from Jaipur.
Having come for an official trip,
He and Dad took a hot coffee sip.

Along with them having coffee and chitchat,
We all too had fun and sat.
Dad’s friend presented a gift,
Which I opened in a swift.

It was a beautiful Pashmina Shawl,
Which Mom yearned after all.
A memorable gift that one can never part,
Which remains forever in our heart.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Amazing Parks of Idaho : Travel Experience - Guest Post

We are glad to introduce our wonderful guest Melisa Marzett, a writer and blogger with a fascinating profile in Google + . Passion with travelling and writing, Melisa has come up with this amazing travel experience.

Here, in this guest post she explains about the Amazing Parks of Idaho.

Land of Yankee Fork

Land of Yankee Fork was founded in 1990 and dedicated to the first Idaho state colonists.
There is history museum, Bonanza, Silver city and other ghost towns where gold was mined since the year 1870. Heavy growth in this area began in 1880`s, where population of one of them reached 600 people. A ghost town is left only with a few rebuilt buildings, cemetery and amazing stories of gold miners.

Visitors of Land of Yankee Fork is offered a chance to read or view excursions and
historical interpretations, museum exhibit items and to listen to audiovisual programs. There are special lounge area, parking for quadricycles, souvenir shops. There are private campings nearby the historical places in the woods for those who enjoy outdoor recreation especially.

Massacre Rocks Park

Massacre Rocks Park was opened in 1967 over 4 km2 area. Those are famous history
places where Indians attacked colonists who went through Oregonian and Californian paths.
Many colonists cut their names and dates on the rocks, which came down to us. There are round stones nearby the southern bank of Snake river, which are called Gates of Death. For those who enjoy having picnics, there are special places near fire and barbecue, also houses with conditioners and with heating for overnight.

Park is a popular place among rock climbers who may enjoy numerous climbing routes.
There is a new field for playing golf in the parking zone. There are 9 holes nearby the place for picnic, on the side of the parking area. In addition, there is a history center for visitors where everyone can get to know everything about geology of the park, as long as there are volcanic proves of dead volcano on its whole territory.

Round Lake Park

Round Lake Park offers its visitors an opportunity to organize a picnic with an overnight,
walks along pedestrian paths through the woods, bike rides and fishing. You may rent a boat, a scooter or just to swim here. At winter time, rent of skis and snowmobiles are at one`s service on the territory of the park.

Numerous tourists come over here in order to enjoy a uniqueness of nature. There are
flights of Canadian geese flying above pines and larch-trees while lakes are stocked with river perches and cutthroats. Walking through the bank, you can see turtles while reeds are stocked with ondatras. Small ponds and dams are seen along pedestrian paths through woods in Round Lake where beavers live.

Thousand Strings Park

Thousand Strings Park is opened since 2005; privately held ranch was here before in
2001 bought out by the state. It is located nearby the Snake River in Hagerman valley. Those who enjoy active outdoors, the park attracts with its waterfalls, natural National parks such as Niagara-Springs and Malad water gap where in times of Wild West robbers were hiding.
One may do fishing on the territory of the park, also to rent a boat or canoe in order to do float along the river. You may do horse riding within the territory of Billingsley Creek riding hall. Ritter Island is one of the places of interest, which tells a story of this area where agricultural lands were and milk farm.

Bruno Dunes National Park

Bruno Dunes National Park was founded in 1970 located to the south from Mountain
Home desert. Its territory is of more than 2000 hectares.

Park includes a few big sand dunes about 150 meters high, wet moors and a lake. One
may do fishing, swimming, and tourism, watch birds; watch a star sky on the territory of the park. Those who are into extreme may do climbing with experienced instructors watching.
A cozy camping is at tourists` service where one may have a picnic or barbecue. There is
a possibility to view information on wild nature of the region, including flora and fauna and do shopping in souvenir shot in the study center. Unique nature of Bruno Dunes may become a perfect decoration for beautiful pictures reminding about unforgettable time in this wonderful place.

Castle Rocks National State

Castle Rocks National Park is a unique place for excellent time spending in close vicinity
to wild nature. It was founded in 1999 and occupy an area of around 600 hectares.
Located along the edge of the Santa-Cruise mountain, the park includes deserts, forests
and sharp canyons covered with unusual rocky masses. 32 kilometers of especially marked pedestrian paths through the woods and ridings cross it through. Castle Rocks is a paradise for climbers living here unforgettable feelings. There is a comfortable hotel 2.5 kilometers from the park where tourists may stay over for excursion time period. Cozy campings are located on the territory of the park in piney wood.

National park takes the bigger part of the area and access to its territory is limited for
visitors. There are rare and disappearing species of flora and fauna gathered. You may read and view information on wild nature and wonderful pictures.

(Image Courtesy – Author)

Author:  Melisa Marzett is a writer, author and blogger who writes on
various topics. She is a writer @ Fast Custom Writing Help and all of her works are in her wonderful profile @ Google+ . She loves what she does and cannot spend a day without writing. Also, she is fond of reading, communicating with other people especially if those are people from different cultures exchanging experience, outdoor activities. She even likes the occasional green tea Frappuccino from Starbucks.

Fun Science Activities - Guest Post

We are glad to introduce our wonderful guest Shobana Marthi, a blogger on Fun Science Activity Club. Love being with curious kids, Shobana started up this blog filled with fun science activities for them.

Here, in this guest post she explains about making crystal snowflakes.

Crystal snowflake ornaments!

It was that time of the year; the joyful Christmas season. The kids wished to make some ornaments for their Christmas trees. To involve science in this activity [as usual 😉 ], I planned to show them ‘crystal snowflake ornaments’.

Materials needed 

1. Borax powder – 3 tbsp
2. Water – 1 cup
3. Pipe cleaners – 2 [colors of your choice]
4. Strings – 2
5. Pencils – 2.
6. Bottles – 2.
7. Food colors – 2 drops (optional)


  1. Boil a cup of water and mix the borax powder in it to make a borax solution
  2. Add food color [optional].
  3. Take a pipe cleaner and twist it into a star shape to give it a snowflake figure.
  4. Pour the borax solution into a bottle or a glass.
  5. Hang the pipe cleaner inside the borax solution using a string and a pencil.
  6. Leave this setup undisturbed in a place for a day or two.
  7. Your beautiful crystal ornament is ready for hanging!

Cut 3 equal pieces of a pipe cleaner
Twist them together to make a star shape

Hang it inside the solution using a string and a pencil

Leave the setup undisturbed for a day or two

Beautiful snowflake crystals ready to be hanged!

How does it work?

When water boils, the water molecules move apart giving space for the borax molecules to dissolve in. So naturally, when they cool down, the molecules slow down and come together. The dissolved borax settles to form borax crystals on the pipe cleaner. Crystals come together in a specific, repeated patterns due to the shape of the molecules forming them. You will see these crystals on the bottom of the container and arms of the pipe cleaner.

Your Christmas ornaments are ready to be shown off!

(Image Courtesy – Author)

Author : Shobana ‘s website Fun Science Activity Club is a guide for moms to do simple experiments with kids to explain the science concepts that they learn at school. It uses basic scientific terms and background knowledge to help them understand when doing the experiments along with kids. Teachers can also use these experiments as a support for explaining concepts.

5 Types of Mom when her kid slips! - Aish

5 Varieties of Mom Reactions when her kid falls while cycling

At this generation, how a Mom reacts when her kid falls from a bicycle is hilariously expressed as a script writing. Visualize through these Mom with the script and bring into Action the humorous reactions.  We tend to envision ourselves in any of these types and relate a lot with their features.

5 Types of Mom when her kid slips.

Script, Screen play and Action!

Synopsis: A usual play scene of children on the street in front of their apartments. Moms are standing in the close by corner having their evening chat among themselves looking up to their playing kids. Few kids are enjoying themselves by cycling around.

A video of five types of Mom in such a situation with only the Mom on the screen and eye level expression when in conversation with kid and others. Sometimes the voice of other Mom friend is required.

Situation: The Kid while cycling skids and falls on the street just 100 meters from his home and gets a small scratch on his elbow.

1. The Panic Mom

Image : Thinkstock

Characteristic description: This Mom panics a lot for tiny incidents by creating a havoc in the place. Though normal in appearance, she gets tensed instantly even in the situations where others feel it to be small. With excess anxiety and exaggeration, not only does the Mom be but makes all around her to feel the pressure.

Appearance: Everyday appearance with clean and neat clothes, completely normal but totally freaks out in some situations.

Location: On the street standing close by to where the kid cycles.

The Panic Mom though standing close by to where her son is cycling, rushes when she sees him slip. Looking at her son, she shreaks, “OMG Pranav, what has happened to your elbow? Such a big scratch!” Did you get hurt anywhere else? Are you fine?” Searches for her fellow Mom friends and calls them screaming, “Look at Pranav… Shikha, Mamta, Reena! How big is his scratch? It really seems so big that I need to take him to the hospital. Better if our family doctor attended him. Will call Pranav’s dad to pick us up immediately.” 

Calls her husband who is in office and says, “Rohit, Pranav has got a big hurt in his elbow. Come home immediately, we need to see Dr. Shukla now.” Hangs down the phone before she could get any reply.

Now sees around her fellow Mom friends and in dismay asks, “I think Pranav needs some water to drink, Reena, can you please fetch”. “Shikha, can you please bring the first aid kit from home, it’s just at the table near the couch.” “Mamta, it would be better to park the bicycle in the parking area before we leave to hospital, right?” The Panic Mom keeps walking around the same place, looks at her phone, goes near her kid, looks for her friends whether they are doing their assigned tasks and searches for her husband’s car on the street. Repeats till she sees the car.

Once the Panic Mom sees her husband’s car, grabs her kid, grabs water bottle from Reena and first aid kit from Shikha. Holding the things in her hand and by never allowing her husband to talk, freaks out, “Rohit, Dr. Shukla would be available now, talk to him immediately saying we are on the way to his clinic.” Turns to her Mom friends she yells, “Thanks and Bye all!”

2. The Talkative Mom

Characteristic Description: This Mom keeps talking with her fellow friends and gets so involved, that she forgets the world around her. Always indulged in her memories and childhood thoughts, she shares all that she remembers, relating to any present circumstance.

Appearance: Dressed decently as being desperate in talking and citing childhood experiences according to the arising situations. (who knows, might cite her wardrobe childhood experiences if situation occurs).

Location: On the street standing close by to where the kid cycles.

The Talkative Mom picking up a Besan ladoo made by one of the Mom friends (Just showing a box of laddo from the camera), “Oh, I love besan ladoo, Thanks Roopa. My Mom says that I used to eat almost 6 to 7 ladoos when I was just of Amaya’s age. You know, Amaya too loves them but not eats as much as I did.”Laughingly takes a quick glance around and says, “Always feel that Amaya keeps calling me whenever I talk.” One of her Mom friends says, “It is Amaya calling you, and it is now for the fourth time she is screaming MOM”. Turns around and calls out, “Come here Amaya, what is there for you to shout when am nearby.”

Seeing her kid’s scratch in the elbow, she continues her talk again by rubbing off the arm gently, (Her eye contact is on her friends while her hand keeps on gently rubbing with her handkerchief), “You know, when I was of Amaya’s age, I fell off from my bicycle seeing a car coming in front of me. Yes, I thought my dad was holding the bicycle while I was riding and was conversing with him. But suddenly turned around when I could hear no reply from my dad, I got scared and seeing the car in front, left my balance.” Smilingly she nods to Amaya that everything is fine and signs her off to play while continuing another experience to her friends by turning towards them. She continues to them, “A small scratch, just like the one I got when I fell.”, waving Bye to Amaya!

3. The Adviser Mom

Characteristic Description: This Mom thinks her kid would be perfect only by following all the rules and abide by the advises imposed. So a small mistake is definitely because of not acting according to the rules laid.

Appearance: According to the situation dresses up, now for this scene she has worn casual tracks and tee with a little temper in face wishing everything to be perfect.

Location: Standing close to where the kid rides.

The Adviser Mom, waving Hi to Mom friends, screams, “Pritam, Careful!”When he falls, she sighs, “Oh No Pritam, you fell. See! This what happens when you don’t listen and not follow the rules. I had reminded you to look straight, sit upright and concentrate on the road. How can you be so careless Pritam, did you recollect the rules I had told before touching the bicycle? Look at the scratch on your elbow, it could get worse if you lend no ear to my words. Nowadays you seem to be careless often.”

Sitting beside him on the same place where he fell, she starts repeating her advice while rubbing the scratch with a wet napkin (always carries a water bottle and a napkin along), “Look Pritam, now listen carefully, c’mon tell all the rules.” (nodding her head in acknowledgement as if repeating what he tells), fingering the numbers, “Yes, 1. Start from the corner and not from the middle of the road, 2. Focus on the road, 3. Sit on the seat, 4. Look straight 5. Pedal with confidence. Now start again and do your best!” Looks on, observes how her kid rides and nods fast (looking at the camera) excitedly expresses, “Finally, after a lot of repeated advises he is now on track. See, Mom’s advice is always wise!"

 4. The Blogger Mom

Characteristic Description: This Mom is always with her tablet immersed in thoughts of what would her next article be. Deep in her dream, she cares not about what’s happening around her till she completes.Images are equally important for an article, she does get that by capturing and then finally publishing.

Appearance: Very simple clothes, just like being at home, as her full concentration is in writing and posting articles in her blog.

Location: A bench on the usual place where she sits with her fellow Mom friends, closer to where her kid cycles.

The Blogger Mom sitting on her usual place, writes, looks up, stares, again starts writing. Her Mom friends call out, “Shreeja! So early as usual? When did you come?” Without answering, she shows her forefinger (indicating to wait a minute), finishes typing the line and then looks up asking, “Hey, when did you come? Why so late?” And while one of the Mom friend is replying to her, “We were all discussing about the upcoming school project which are to be submitted next week. Did you get any idea…”? Before she could finish, the Blogger Mom starts, “Talking about idea, am now working on a new blog post, do you guys have any idea to share. Oh Wait! Wow! Got an idea, Blog title – 5 Ideas for writing a new blog post or 5 simple Methods to complete a school project in two days or…”

While thinking, she looks at her kid falling. Rushing to the place with her tablet, she immediately takes picture of the elbow with scratch and the other unhurt elbow, arranging the kid’s hand for the picture. Makes a collage of the picture with one hand, while nursing the scratch on her kid with the wet tissue with her other hand. Running back to where she was sitting, with a smile she starts her new blog post, “5 simple ways to nurse a wound” and yelling at her kid, “Carry on Sid, all is Well.” (shows thumps up high up in the air) and posts the collage too.

 5. The Superstitious Mom

Image : Thinkstock

Characteristic Description: This Mom determines the present situation of a person according to their numerology or star position. Be it good or bad, this Mom forecasts with their future signs and tries to cast off the bad. As per this Mom, Time is an essential factor.

Appearance: Traditional wear with watch and talks about the auspicious signs and times according to the respective stars of the people.

Location: On the street standing close by to where the kid cycles.

The Superstitious Mom, “Ishaan, stop! You started to pedal before I asked you to commence? Wait for a minute…O. K, now you start.” Looking at one of her Mom friends, she starts, “Madhu, you said that your husband is trying his luck to move abroad? The coming month is auspicious as per your husband’s star. So, he can try at that time.”

Suddenly noticing her kid falling, she rushes to him, picks up the sand and holds her in fist. With the sand in her closed fist, she starts to rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise, without making the kid move an inch. Then, saying,” Kisike Nazar na lagen”, takes the sand and washes it from her kid’s water bottle after going to some corner. Comes back to where the kid is, picks his bicycle and him and starts walking to her home. “Ishaan so much of Buri nazar on you beta. Enough of playing outside today, we’ll see Tomorrow.” She shouts out to her Mom friends, while quickly turning towards her home, “We’ll see tomorrow, Bye all!”

So, How many of us have come across such personalities? Which Mom are you or Who is that Mom whom you feel would be the One?

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

How to keep Oneself fit during Pregnancy - Aish

Motherhood is an amazing period both during pregnancy and after. Our health concerns keep freaking us a lot during this period. Most of all we ponder on our fitness, the gaining weight, changes in skin color, baby’s growth, our mood swings, anxiety etc...

The following became a part of me during my Motherhood period apart from visits to Doc and taking the required supplements prescribed to keep myself and the baby healthy:

1. Indulging mostly in Healthy and homemade stuff which were easily digestible and at minimal times trying out some less spicy outside stuff.

2. Took plenty of water and fresh fruit juices during the intervals to keep hydrated.

3. To avoid cramps in feet, took a banana which is rich in potassium each day and before heading to bed had a warm water dip for my feet.

4. When there was more craving, took fruits, milk, homemade sweets and savories.

5. Used to sit on floor more often and never skipped walking even to nearby places from home.

6. Reading spiritual books, prayers and meditation kept me confident in mind and heart.

7. Spending quality time with family members by talking and laughing more with them.

8. Music, watching favorite humorous sitcoms and movies helped to relax more.

During pregnancy, also trying out simple exercises and yoga keep us fit. Such simple day to day activities and tips not only help us gain confidence but surrounds us with love and peace both in mind and soul. When our mind is healthy, our body sustains the considerable growth and strength to protect us and the baby within.

With loved ones around us, having lovable thoughts, and feeling the new love arising inside us, we will feel fit physically and mentally! :)

Thursday, 29 March 2018

The Right Balance of Strength, Love and Joy- An Interview with Mrs. Rajeswari Viswanathan, a successful Teacher.

“Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber, and future of an individual. If the people remember me as a good teacher, that will be the biggest honour for me.” ~A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

We are extremely honored to present an interview of a Woman in such noble profession. Mrs. Rajeswari Viswanathan is a Tamil Nadu State Government Teacher for the past 27 years, more than half of her age she has been teaching. She is the most strong, independent and joyful personality I have ever seen. I have grown up seeing this powerful/ inspirational lady manage her home, work and social-life so eloquently!

Today, let’s ask her about her teaching-journey and experiences. I am sure, we would have something new and interesting to learn!

Pri: Can you tell a little about yourself?

Mrs. Rajeswari: Vanakkam. I am Rajeswari Viswanathan, working as (Tamil Nadu State Government) History Teacher. I am 48 years old and I have completed my 27 years of service in Teaching. After several years of service, I was promoted as Primary School Head Mistress. I worked as HM for 2 years. Once again, I was promoted as BT Teacher (Middle School) and I have completed 10 years serving in Middle School.

I am the youngest of seven children of Late Shri. K. P. Raju Gowder (Freedom Fighter) and Late Mrs. Rani Raju. My husband is a retired Central Government Teacher (Taught for Kendriya Vidhalaya). My son, Abhishek, is as a Lieutenant in Indian Navy (Currently placed in Gujarat). My daughter, Abinisha is doing her second year English Literature.

Pri: How did you get into teaching?

Mrs. Rajeswari: It was totally an accident. When I was doing my 12thstandard, they introduced a scheme in our school, that was called as SGTT- Secondary Grade Teachers Training. I was not too keen about it, but my Head Master almost forced me to join the SGTT scheme. In the beginning, I was uninterested and sad. Later, I felt better about the course. Now, I love my job! All thanks to my respected HM.

Pri: What do you love about teaching?

Mrs. Rajeswari: My most favorite part of teaching is that I get to spend lots of time with Children. Our School is a Middle School (I-VIII), apart from learning we have lots of fun; Games, Sports, Functions and other Extra-Curricular activities.

Pri: What is your teaching philosophy?

Mrs. Rajeswari: As a teacher, I like to first study the child, to know the background and the circumstances the child lives/ grows in. Then, teach them good values to mold their personality/ character. Finally, I give importance to studies and teaching. The reason being, our Students come from varied backgrounds. Most of them are from Economically Backward Families and Slum areas.

The most important thing is the Teacher-Student relationship. I feel, it should be a combination of Parent-Child and Friends relationship. This is my secret to master students psychology, and my favorite teaching Philosophy.

Pri: What were your challenges and struggles during your early days of teaching? How did you overcome obstacles to establish yourself ?

Mrs. Rajeswari: Maintaining the classroom students was a big task in my early days. I was appointed as Second Grade Teacher in 1990, on Dec 11th, at the age of 21. I had to control both I and II grades with more than 60 students, at the same time. So, to maintain silence in the classroom I used to talk in high-pitch all the time. I got tired and exhausted very soon. In one or two months, I figured out a way to engage the naughty and distracted students; I gave them responsibilities to channel their energies into something else. Slowly, the control of the classroom came to my hands.

Also, It was very challenging to make the Late-bloomers (Dyslexia) students to read and write.

“Dyslexia is general term for disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, but that do not affect general intelligence. “

These students write the letters and numbers in different patterns / mirror images (For example: they write d for b). I started giving more attention/ importance to these children by giving more and more practice. I believe, I tried my best to help these kids.

Some incidents/ students are very peculiar. I recall one incident that occurred in my very First School in 1991; One of my students, Sivalosani (I Std), was a normal child but was never ready to hold a pencil itself. I tried hard to convince her, but she refused to hold. I had to take a stern decision to make her hold a pencil so that she could further learn writing. So, I very strictly asserted that she must write, I did not allow her to go until she held the pencil right. Though it was a very pressurized action, at that point, it was very necessary. Had I not put her under pressure that day, she would not have evolved into a student with beautiful handwriting! I encouraged her to write one letter per day on her slate and slowly built her confidence. Gradually, she learned to write and she developed a fantastic hand-writing that I was very much proud of. Likewise, there are so many different characters under the same roof.  

Pri: Tell about your career in the last ten years.

Mrs. Rajeswari: In last 10 years as a BT teacher I gave some trainings to teachers as a Resource Person (RP). Here are some of the training sessions that I took and then gave to other teachers:

  • Social Science content based training ALM (Active Learning Methodology).
  • Social Awarness and Cyber Crime (Got trained in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, District-level and gave training sessions to Block Level Teachers as a Key Resource Person.)
  • Map Reading Skill’ Training (Took Training at DIET- Kotagiri and gave training to Block level.)
  • VITAL Training (Value Integrated Teaching and Learning) – Took Training at DIET- Kotagiri and gave training to Block level.
  • Art of Questioning Training at District Level
  • National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) Diploma in Ele. Edu. (D.El.Ed.)  for private school untrained teachers handling Nursery and Primary. (Duration- 15 days)
  • Yesterday, I received a call from DIET Kotagiri; they have selected me as a Social Science RP to take the training from them to train our teachers during Summer holidays. (Because there will be Syllabus change for classes I, VI, IX and XI, this year.)

I thank GOD, my parents, family members and colleagues for their great support, and my Higher Authorities for recognizing me and giving me this honor.

Pri: What do you think should be changed in our education system?

Mrs. Rajeswari: “No Detention” system should be the primary change; this will make Children know their responsibilities in studies and perform well. Also, this sense of responsibility would make them shine in all competitive exams. The second change needed is, the periodic-syllabus change to incorporate the real-life implementations and experiences relevant to day to day life.

Pri: What would be your advice to young people who aspire to be successful in education field?

Mrs. Rajeswari: Teaching is such a gifted job! From the students point-of-view, we are the Superheroes/ Role-models they look up to. So, we need to equip ourselves and keep our knowledge up-to-date. We need to change our teaching methods often to make classes interesting; we could use E-devices, Drama, Field Trips, Elections, Songs, Debate, Quiz, etc… to engage the students in class. We should do something new each day to attract the young-minds so that they would never miss even a single class. It is true that teachers need to prepare well before the class and teach without using books. This makes a huge difference in teaching effectiveness.

Pri: What would be your three most important tips for budding teachers?

Mrs. Rajeswari: Dedication. Patience. Confidence.

Pri: As we just celebrated Women’s Day, what is your opinion on women empowerment?

Mrs. Rajeswari: Yes, we are celebrating Women’s Day every year from 1978. But, it is sad that the motto of the celebration is not fulfilled yet.

Even uneducated housewives manage their families in exceptional ways. That’s true empowerment!

From Kitchen Garden to Space Garden Women’s contributions are huge.

Pri: Do you want to say anything else to our readers?

Mrs. Rajeswari: Be proud to be a Woman!

மாதர் தம் இழிவு செய்யும்

மடமையை கொளுத்துவோம்:

தாதர் என்ற நிலைமை மாறி

ஆண்க ளோடு பெண்களும்

சரிநி கர்ச மானமாக

வாழ்வம் இந்த நாட்டிலே

(விடுதலை) — Subramania Bharatiyar

I thank the coordinator, Preethi, for giving me the opportunity to meet the readers through this blog-interview. I thank the readers for taking the time to read the interview. I hope my experiences give you some insight or inspiration. I further extend my special thanks to the same interviewer for her well-designed questions. Yes, designing questions is an art too. Keep it up!

God bless you! Thank you very much!

Pri: It was such a delight interviewing you! I am sure our readers will enjoy your interesting life experiences. There are great lessons and tips to be learned from them.

I humbly thank Mrs. Rajeswari for agreeing to give her precious time to the interview. Thank you and we wish you many more years of success and growth as a Teacher!

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Ode to the Night Sky- Pri.

An ode to the classic night sky,

bejeweled with glittering crystals

precious and pure, slick and shiny.

smiling to adorn the fine creations.

Showing the charming white moon,

supreme shape showering silver rays 

like eternal grace of enchanting tune

from real paradise to sing the praise.

Brilliant tiny stars shimmer and shine  

forming luminous gems to ornament

the vast dark screen; delicately divine.

The ecstasy livens inert world so silent!