Sunday, 4 February 2018

The prodigy of doom (A Tritina Poem)- Pri

Interesting Aish! Lovely way to spend time with kids while encouraging them to be creative. Well done.😊

I am sharing one of my poems that was published in Authors Haunt Ocean Anthology 2011.

The prodigy of doom 

Raging ocean, massive and mighty
provokes magnificent vigorous waves 
that portend destruction; to warn.

As violent dark clouds bound and warn,
threatening thunders sound mighty,
lightning strikes stretching to waves.

Rapid raindrops fall to raise giant waves,
monstrous rash whirlwind blows that warn,
Raving birds in dreadful sky fly, so mighty.

The prodigy of doom; mighty waves warn!   

Form: Tritina 

The Tritina is the little brother to the Sestina. Instead of end rhymes, each stanza uses three specific unrhymed words in a specific sequence at the end of the lines. The following is the sequence in which you will use those three end-words for the first three stanzas:

The final stanza will use all three words in order, ABC, at the end of the line.  

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