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Is the relationship between a Dad and Son, sweet? - Aish

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Many of us do rise a question when it comes to the relationship between a Dad and a son. Here is a short story depicting the nuances of such a heavenly relationship betwwen the two with wonderful incidents.


Vyas was a very ambitious boy from childhood. His father would compromise nothing for studies. Dad felt that "One would be respected only because of his Education."
Dad was so strict that both Vyas and his sister Vaibhavi would get scared of him and always hold a book while dad is at home. Dad wanted everything to be perfect, so to get that would yell and make the things get done. Dad had thought that to make things right, this is the only solution. If you want a kid to listen, be strict was Dad's view.

Mom was very calm and patient, she would never utter a word against Dad as she knew Dad was a great pillar for all. Dad gave his full support tomom in making their kids shine apart foem education. Vyas was a State level Tennis player while Vaibhavi excelled in Vocal.

Gradually, board exams arrived, it was 10th board for Vaibhavi and 12th for Vyas.

The day of results approached, Vyas feared a lot for his marks and Dad's tensions knew no bounds. To everyone's amazement both Vyas and Vaibhavi scored very well. Dad's happiness had no words as Vyas got admitted in one of the prestigious institutions but very far from home. Vyas could see the other side of his Dad for the first time when dad bid farewell with tears intact in eyes. But slowly distance made him realize less about the love and affection of his family.


Friends became his soul companions and only reliable source, building a wall
towards his family. When Vaibhavi questioned about this distance, Mom and Dad freezing their emotions made up stories saying, "After a certain age, boys would move on with friends" or Mom saying, "Just like your Dad, not knowing how to express his love".

Vaibhavi sensed more seeing Vyas out with his friends, talk to them through phone even when he had come for a month's vacation..Getting anger for silly reasons, finding mistakes for petty things and of all those, showing displeasure for whatever Dad does. A New Vyas, a friend for his friends, neither a brother nor a son.

Vyas who feared for the stern actions of his Dad now could not even tolerate a polite objection too. Many a times, Vaibhavi would make things cool between her father and brother. But that was the age of hasty decisions. Vyas wished to move farther and thus ended up settling in Overseas after his Masters there.

Vaibhavi was shattered when she got to know that, her brother who once shared simple talks with her had not uttered a single word about his marriage plan with the girl of his choice. Vaibhavi still could not turn herself to stone when Vyas made a video call from abroad. Mom felt exceptionally happy with her children's true love when she saw both with tears of affection as Vyas apologized to Vaibhavi.


Both Vaibhavi and Rashmi were Pregnant. Vaibhavi with her husband Rishab settled in Canada while Vyas with Rashmi got settled in London. Since Rashmi's mom was no more, Mom had to take up the responsibilities for both of their deliveries. Mom and Dad together went to different continents. Both felt that Rashmi is highly educated as she too studied in the same college of Vyas and is equally earning. So they used to tell Vaibhavi to learn more from Rashmi. This did not go down well with Rishab but was very smart not to open up.

Vaibhavi was that girl who thought that words out of haste always leads to distance in relationship and fortunate was she to get a life partner with same thoughts.
With a heavy heart Mom and Dad had to leave 3 months old Ved in Vaibhavi's hands and move to London.

Landing there, Mom and dad never missed to have a video call with Vaibhavi and see little Ved grow. Not much they knew that this affection fell prey to Vyas.

Vyas and Rashmi felt why not they be given the same importance; little did they know that they both were always praised to Vaibhavi. This drift slowly augmented and finally when Dad casually poked Vyas with words, he burst out all that he had concealed for ages. "Was I given any love that I asked for? Was I treated kindly? When I turn to my childhood, I could not feel any sweet memories..Why?" Heavy tears started rolling down from Dad's eyes while Mom could not control her weep.

Both understood that his comparison with his sister has nothing to do but his yearn for the love had made him speak when he affectionately answered Vaibhavi's phone call.

With all those words spat out, which he had locked up for years Vyas left the place feeling an ease at heart. The next few days passed on with silence except for 2 months old Vansh's sounds.


Dad was busy reading a book when Vyas entered the room and sat beside Dad. Placing his head on Dad's lap just as he did before Dad bid his first farewell leaving from his College, Vyas apologized with tears uncontrollable, understanding that Dad's way of care may be different but the sweet emotional bond between them never changes.

Dad lifted him up with tears and for the first time hugged Vyas with all his affection symbolizing all the years of love and felt proud that his son was the same little hero!

Each and every home would have come up with such experience! "Father", the first and everlasting hero of each child. Parenting is different from each of us, Father's love to a child may be different, some open up their affection while others push standing back, but are always there! Never to underestimate the true love of a Father!


Sripriya said...

Realistic and lovely story Aish ��. Parenting is understood only when a son or daughter themselves become parents. This is the story of our generation ��.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Priya! Rightly said, when people step into parenting, the realization of their parents' efforts are understood.