Tuesday, 6 February 2018

On a snowy day (A Children's Poem)- Pri.

Here is a Children's poem!😍

On a snowy day, I play...

Everything is so cold and icy.
I wish to have soup, warm and spicy!

I walk with my dad, outside, to play with snow,
I hope the sun does not shine to make it flow!
I hope the wind does not come through now, to blow!
My hands are freezing, I do not want to go.

My snowman is fluffy and frosty,
I love his big smile, oh so mighty!

On a snowy day, I play...


The Symetrelle is an enchanting ten-line form created by Julie Moeller, writing as Bluejewel on the AllPoetry.com website.

It begins and ends with the same subject line of seven syllables. Then an enveloping set of mono-rhymed couplets leads into and out of the main content with lines of nine syllables. The main body is a mono-rhymed quatrain (four-line stanza) with eleven syllable lines.

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