Sunday, 25 December 2016

Beauty of Life - A Rhymic journey! - Aish

Merry Christmas to all our dear ones!

Pri, That is certainly inspirational! Quotes relate to be part of our growing nature. Poems are a mellifluous source of phenomenal description towards our visualization on numerous things and artefacts.

Life has Beauty within! Beauty is utterly not appearance and looks of an individual but is characteriscally personified.

B-E-A-U-T-Y : Brave Etiquette Articulate Understanding Tolerant Youthful

These features manifest Beauty and when our life is enriched with beauty it exhibits aesthetic and enchanting viability. Our Life orginates as a New born and gradually sprouts with different stages till we touch our old age.


Let us take a glance exalting Beauty in each stage of our life's journey poetically.

Beauty of Life - A Rhymic journey!

A Baby's Profound

To the Melody and Sound.

A Toddler's Perception

To Stroll and Color Observation.

A Child's Imagination

To Learn and Master Communication.

A Youth's Vision

To Dream and achieve Ambition.

An Adult's Clutch

Of Career and Family Touch.

An Elderly's Pleasure

To Relax and Leisure.

"Rhymic words add beauty to Poems.

Poems add beauty to Language.
Language adds beauty to Conveyance.
Conveyance adds beauty to Understanding.
Understanding adds Beauty to Life!"

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