Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Festive Relishes!! - Aish

I just melted in snow with wonderful backdrops of snowflakes and white fluffy ice covered all over, through your freezing write-up Pri.
But, also being in such a place during snowy winter with kids, I truly emphasize the reality you pointed through my experiences.

Winter, snow and chill breeze in the months of November and December remind me of the festives, rituals and mouth watering feasts!

Festive Relishes!!

Kartika Masa - An auspicious and religious month

The eighth month in a lunar calendar, which falls in mid Nov till mid Dec  is significant for both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu enhancing them as One.
During this month, people observe rituals by lighting Deepam/Diya (Lamps) and take up fasting.
Temples light dazzling Diyas ceremonialized as  "Akasa Deepam". People perform poojas for Lord Shiva on Karthika Somavar (Monday) and SatyaNarayana Vrata for Lord Vishnu.

The last day of this month is celebrated with pomp by lighting diyas and bursting crackers just like Diwali! Why not touch the taste of the delicacies prepared?

Nowadays being in a fast paced environment with hassles and bustles, we tend to follow our traditions but in a quicker mode as we have kids or elders to take care of after our hectic day at work too...Let us try these simple, quick yet yummy relishes for this festive :

Relishing Recipe 1 :

Poha Kheer (Sweetened - Uncooked flattened Rice flakes)

[Poha in Hindi; Aval in Tamil; Atukulu in Telugu]

☆ Take a handful of Poha or depending upon the quantity required (a handful would be sufficient for two people)
in a utensil of  little water.

☆ When it boils well and the poha has become a little fluffy, the water can be drained, washing out the smudge.

☆ Pour the boiled milk respective to the thickness on the poha.

☆ While its boiling add 2-3 teaspoons of sugar. Stir well and keep aside.

☆ Meanwhile fry raisins and cashews in ghee and add them too.

☆ Top it with Elaichi (Cardamom) powder and there, a yummy kheer is ready to taste!

Relishing Recipe 2 :

Jaggery Murmura (Sweet Puffed rice)

[Murmura in Hindi; Pori in Tamil; Murmuralu in Telugu]

¤ Most of the packed murmuras would smell old, so a bit of fry in a dry pan would help it remain crisp and fresh.

¤ Heat a ladle full of jaggery in a utensil with one and half cup of water (for a half packet murmura).

¤ When the jaggery boils well, bubbles spout up from the heat.

¤ Then take a little in a teaspoon and pour it in a cup with water, it  joins together as a round when touched.

¤ Meanwhile, fry cashews, raisins, small pieces of coconuts, groundnuts, few chana dal in ghee and add them to the Murmura and keep aside.

¤ Now pour the jaggery to the Murmura and mix well altogether.

¤ Top it with the Elaichi powder and there, a delicious sweet dish is ready to munch!

Try these as an any day Snack too...Simple, Quick and Yummy Delicacies loved by all!!


Subramaniam Gurunathan said...

Poha in any form is easily digestible even for children. Easy to make for office going ladies

Sankar Jana said...

Good info Aish

Chirp Cheer N Chai - PriAish said...

Thanks a lot Sankar! 😊

Chirp Cheer N Chai - PriAish said...

Well said! 😊 Easy munch for all!