Saturday, 24 December 2016

SPECIAL PACKAGE(An Acrostic Poem)- Pri

Surreal reality,
Powerful love,
Eyes sparkling,
Curious like a child,
Intimate happiness,
Aerial thoughts,
Luscious guesses...

Pure joy flashes inside,
Anxiety reaches peak,
Closed wrap tantalizes sight,
Keen mind signals to open,
Arms reach to reveal,
Gratitude gushes from heart,
Ethreal tranquility!

Form: Acrostic


Merry Christmas to all of you!!! 
Have a great day with family and friends. 


Unknown said...

Really its a Special Package , Very Nice !!!!

Unknown said...

Sathish, Thank you!!!😀🎁💐

Unknown said...

..shall I take that special package ATTAGASAMA IRUKKUDU!!!
Where you kept these much talents! Carry ON

Unknown said...

Thanks Aunty!😊☺️😍