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Ultimate Unconditional Love and Breaking the Stereotype (Movie Reviews) - Pri

Aish, very interesting views on Life, Ego, Comparison, Love, Honesty, Anger and Emotions! I loved your true thoughts and appropriate fables relating to them. Your write-ups remind me of a poem that I wrote almost a decade ago:


Life is a beautiful song,
with people around to sing along.
Life is a majestic chariot,
with the soul to hold the lariat.

Life is a charming ode,
when goodness is the code.
Life is a magical fairy tale,
when played in a heavenly vale.

Life is a fertile forest,
With the resources purest.
Life is a cool desert,
With vast, calm thoughts to assert.

Life is a divine seed,
to spread vegetation, not weed.
Life is a mysterious path,
to travel with patience, not wrath.

Life is a bitter chocolate cake,
Enjoy the sweet taste and forget the fake.
Life is a cute monster,
Use the strength and power as you foster.

Life is everything when you see from heart with deep vision,
Life is nothing when you see only with external eyes as a mission.

Ultimate Portrayal of Unconditional Love and Breaking the Stereotype-rules-- My views on two Hindi Movies.

I watched two movies this week, and unusually, I loved both! One was on single-side unconditional love and the other was all about changing the stereotype rules/ thoughts on working women in Indian society.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional movie reviewer and I am not aware of any movie-technicalities. I am just sharing my thoughts and emotions as an ordinary viewer.

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

The stirring movie revolves around three characters; Ayan, Alizeh and Saba. There are waves of emotions in the movie that feather-touches your heart leaving you a little hurt and more contemplating. The characters are strong, clear, independent and are powerfully genuine lovers. Though all the three characters do not end-up getting their love, they still live their lives admirably without any negativity.

I absolutely loved the message the movie conveys; one-sided love is the purest form of love that does not expect any reciprocation. And the people who do not get their love, have a life that must move on… understanding the fact that the significant-other is not interested. A “No” means “No”! There is no sense of revenge or any other negativity in the movie which I appreciate the most. Lately, there have been so many scary and depressing news about murdering, kidnapping and acid attacks because of one-sided-love failures. I think, youngsters need to watch such movies that might instill a different perspective about love in their minds.

I am amazed at the characterization in the movie;

There is one character(Ayan), who loves consistently without expectations-- through the rough times of rejection, through the good times of friendship and through the depressing-phase where his love needs support. He provides his shoulder and helping hand to his love when there is nobody else with her.

There is one character(Alizeh), who loves her friend as a soul-friend and she cannot accept him as her lover whatsoever. She needs him as a support-system and respects him more than her family and love/ ex-spouse. The intricate differences in relationships are highlighted in this movie.

There is one character who(Saba), who is classic, poised, liberated, beautiful and acute who leaves her love, as she cannot allow herself to be with someone who does not love her completely.

Oh! And the songs are amazing. My personal favorites are “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil”, “Bulleya” and “Channa Mereya”. What compositions and music!

There is beautiful subtle humor that moves along the movie which is not forced at all! I quite admired the “Vaatavaran” comedy.

In all, it was a great movie for me!

Ki & Ka

This heart-warming movie is about the gender-role expectations in Indian society. A couple, try to shift the roles as in, the wife becomes the bread-winner and the husband happily takes care of the house. The movie brings to the limelight; the expectations, reality, differences and changing-opinions on their role-swap. It is truly interesting and engaging story which gives the viewers a fresh conceptual treat!

The characters are well-created and the actors have certainly done justice to their roles. What I liked the most in the movie is the new-take on the roles that the society has assigned to each gender, traditionally. I like the touch of women-liberation and feminism that the movie portrays. I wish slowly things to change, then, there will be equality and freedom in the roles individuals choose to take irrespective of their genders.

I loved the unique, yet compelling complex concept!


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"I absolutely loved the message the movie conveys; one-sided love is the purest form of love that does not expect any reciprocation" - True words ..Ae dil hai mushkil fantastic Movie and your review is So Nice ..Kudos ..Keep on going !!!

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