Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Unleashed Thoughts. Two Girls. One Blog. - PriAish

“PriAish” is a package of passion, dreams, aspirations, creativity, emotions, and inner-stability that we exhibit. Growing up most of our teenage years together, we have always adored each other’s company; our passion and thrive to achieve the best from within, has brought us both together, forever! There has been a strong bond between us, no matter how far we are apart, geographically.

We, Pri and Aish, from our childhood, inculcated the fond for exploring different glimpses of life with the petite experiences that we breezed in…We are those friends who do not talk every day or meet often, but are always there for each other. We would love to share our culinary skills, the divine nuances of Bharathanatyam, the parental bond, the touch of Language, our travel experiences, the admirable life's gifts we met with and much more.

We decided to take our friendship to venture out as creative-buddies. Here we are, with our dream blog, to share titbits, experiences, musings, stories, tips, recipes and life’s lessons with the world. In fact, we would love to grow wiser and stronger by exploring/ nurturing our skills. Thanks for visiting our blog, grab some coffee and make yourself at home! We are sure that you would find something interesting to read from our mosaic of thoughts. Please follow us if you like our journey or experiences and comment if you agree or disagree.
Cheers and smiles!
                                                                                                         - PriAish

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