Friday, 6 January 2017

ROCKET SCIENCE (A Mirrored Acrostic Poem)- Pri

Very good explanations, Aish. Thanks for sharing! In-depth knowledge is truly valuable.😊


Relativity mechanics; sheeR    
Orbital motion study that woO,    
Control theory of elements- mystiC    
Known as "brain surgery"; a complex peaK   
Engineering aerospacE  
Technical ability makes the treaT.

Spaceflight designS  
Computation of deformations; a chiC.     
Ironically describes the endeavor, simple and minI,   
Essential physics concerned with gravity and forcE,  
Natural astronomical bodies of the blue screeN,  
Craft of robotic space missions, magnetiC.  
Earth awaits the return of man-made art, in silencE!  

FORM: Mirrored Acrostic.

A Mirrored Acrostic Poetry is where the first and last letters of each line spells a word, usually using the same words as in the title.


Unknown said...

Hello Preethi
Rocket Science !!
really superb
Is this your own!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Aunty!:)