Tuesday, 10 January 2017

When Yoga meets Reiki…(Pri)

Rightly said, Aish! Art is a medium to attain the eternal bliss. Any kind of art for that matter, is an attempt to reach the almighty and discover one’s higher-self in the process. I still remember the day we attended your “Arangetram” in Cuddalore. It was a great day, we enjoyed your graceful dance and unbelievable expressions! The “Kali” facial expression was the ultimate one; You inspire me!
Since I had lots of time after moving to the US, I had done a few certification courses online and at centers near me. I am a certified Hatha Yoga instructor and a Reiki practitioner. Though I am not a very religious person (In the sense that I do not go to the temple every day or I do not follow all the rituals every time), I do believe in a higher/ supreme power that exists. Nevertheless, I do Pooja at home regularly as it is a part of our culture that brings in good energy to the house. I have always believed in the good/ bad vibrations that are around people, I have always been very sensitive in picking-up these vibrations when in a gathering. The old practices like “Dhristi” removal, where an elder-person uses red-chilies, coal and other stuff to remove the negative energies from a person (especially, Children) have always fascinated me.

Dance was something that I was inclined to, when I was in school; I was very interested to learn professional dance but was not able to pursue due to my dad’s transferable job. Later, Yoga was in my mind, I usually associate each Asana to a dance move. I feel, Yoga is just a meditative form of dance. I was thrilled when I learned Yoga, I have been practicing Yoga at home ever-since (despite some breaks here and there). The feeling of relaxation flows through when you finish a session of Yoga. It is the time one connects to the body and becomes more aware. I love the peaceful energy that radiates while doing a posture, it’s like bathing yourself in the flowing river of light. What a soul-renewal routine!

When I came across Reiki, I felt an instant connection and urge to learn more about the art. I knew that the Reiki energy is similar to the Yoga “Prana”, which is supposed to be the breath-flow or the life-force. The universe has these boundless energies already, it is just that you attune yourself to the flow and channel the energy through yourself. It is the same feeling of ecstasy that you experience when you are inside the temple-- near the idol offering Pooja amidst the divine magnetic field, tantalizing aroma of incense sticks/ flowers/ sandalwood, vibrations of the ringing bells and the chanting-slogas echoing around. A magical moment of amalgamation of senses! I am sure, this feeling is common to all, the only difference is that some experience it in temples, some in Churches or some experience while reading Quran or in any other respective place of their interest.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique of using the universal flow of energy to revive and heal. It is said that the energy is merely channeled to the necessary place/ person by the practitioner who is attuned to the universal energy by a teacher (I was attuned to Reiki by Dory Jolin, a wonderful person and teacher). This energy like “Prana”, heals body, mind and soul. I find Yoga and Reiki effectively work hand-in-hand, as both have meditation as the prime focus. Both have the concept of seven chakras of the body. Yoga detoxifies the body through the intricate stretches and asanas, while Reiki fills the body with positive energy that helps to heal. The combined cleansing practices help transform and nourish the inner-self. It is like spring-cleaning the house without damaging things and letting some fresh air into the house; gently removing all the negativity/ blockages of the body with ease while letting the fresh positive “Prana” flow in! In my opinion, when Yoga meets Reiki the sense of realization could be achieved faster, as one tries to unify body and spirit, by letting-go the material attachments and living that moment-of-peace, sinking in each breath that grounds you to the earth. After all, spirituality is finding your purpose of existence without losing your identity and simplicity.

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.” ~  Denis Waitley


shannon marie said...

I am such a huge hot yoga fan! I always heard about Reiki but never really knew what it really did. Thank you so much for this post!!! I feel more informed now!

Chirp Cheer N Chai - PriAish said...

Thank you for your time, Shannon!😊
I am truly humbled that the post was helpful. Your words are so encouraging!😍