Thursday, 16 February 2017

Vitals of Story Telling - Aish

Short and crispy one liner tips are unusually brilliant, sending deep waves of understanding and enlightenment. Good one Pri!

Stories are the narrative entertainment for kids through expressive words and actions. Kids love to listen to different stories which please them at the end of their day. Be it a mythology story, folk tale, imaginary or creative fable, historical acts, kids enjoy to lend their ears.

Reading out / Telling a story to kids enhance :

the lovable bond between the parent and the child.
▪ the 'Time' spent together with each other.
▪ kids' Progression in listening.
▪ expressing our creativity and kids gradual understanding of words.
▪ a peaceful sleep with sweet dreams for our dear ones.
▪ kids' power of concentration in an activity.
▪ kids' speaking ability, reading skills and identifying the new words they learn.
▪ kids' approach in imagination and creativity which establishes them to make out a story of their own.
▪ gadget - free environment for young minds.

In our busy life, either as a working momma or a stay at home mom, we are entangled with work and chores. With kids at home, one could realize how life revolves with responsibilities resulting in the amount of time spent with our kids are minimal comparatively. To exercise our time with kids - sit with them, engage in activities and speak and read out a lot to them. "Children always prefer the presence of their parents rather than the presents offered to them."

Lullabies for babies and stories for kids, we present a memorable childhood for our kids! We would feel the satisfaction - of sharing a tale ; of spending time with kids ; of kids' indulging in the story by posing little questions which we answer.

Generally most of us read out stories from different story books to kids. But why not share our creative or imaginary stories that kids would love, more than being read out?

To tell short stories to kids :

Bring in the characters with any fictitious name. If the child prefers any cartoon character's name, try saying a story with that character. Kids enjoy the story knowing the name and age of the characters.
• Kids might love watching cartoons/shows that include negative characterisations or scenes with fights, but how do they know about such cartoons' existence without our knowledge? Most of the parents think that boys love such visuals more than girls. No, boys and girls love to listen to all types of stories with good morals.
• Start with a simple day to day activity which kids make, do or play with each other.
• Build in characters with good deeds, helping hands, good words etc. Kids indulge in the story and gain the fruits sometimes setting them as examples.
• Bring in characters travelling to places, experimenting new activities by giving the energy and enthusiasm to kids.
• Involve the characters in the story to explore with their friends and family, this develops the relationship bond in the kids.

IMAGE : Sketch by me & Colors by my daughter
Try out reading this beautiful and inspiring short story to your lovely kids Vacation Time-A short-story-of-mine - Aish.

Technology has conquered much of today's generation with its ample contribution in gadgets more than books and other activities. Let us counter this by helping our kids to intrigue them in tiny chores, develop the habit of cleaning up their bit after playing, engage them in various actions like painting, singing, dancing, drawing, reading etc and make them feel our presence with them. 


Unknown said...

If wealth is lost, nothing is lost; If health is lost, something is lost; If character is lost, everything is lost. So building good character in our young generation's mind thru stories from our great epics, Ramayana and Mahabharatha is great service and self satisfaction. Keep it up.

Unknown said...

Excellent saying and yes, present generation too are eager to know more about mythology and past events. Thanks a lot!

Unknown said...

Technology has conquered much of today's generation. Awsum

Unknown said...

Rightly said Maemuna! 👌 Thanks a lot for stopping by! 😊