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Philosophies That Will Change Your Perspective About Life- Pri

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Philosophies That Will Change Your Perspective About Life

Philosophy is often considered complicated and boring. In reality, it is the contemplating search of life’s meaning and purpose. Philosophy can be equally interesting for someone who is spiritually awakening and for a regular reader who in search of information. If you have had the questions like; “Why am I here?”, “What is the purpose of my existence? ”… then, these philosophical ideas might interest you! If you are just a reader who is not much interested in these topics; I promise, your perspectives on “Life” might change after knowing these different philosophical ideas and concepts.

Existence and Reality

This philosophical idea suggests that there is only one truth; “Your Existence”! All the others outside you, are not confirmed according to Solipsism. Similarly, Idealism is about how reality is a mere mental state. Brain is amazingly capable of highly imagining things, so there is no evidence that anything outside you is not illusion.  These ideas truly make oneself wonder about the infinite mysterious universe.

I can derive to a simple point here, “You” are important! So, love and respect yourself completely. When anything and everything outside you, is not important or reality, simply live your life!

Understanding the Void/ Unreal and Infinity

Going one step deeper, Phenomenalism says that nothing really can be said to exist except the sensory observation. This means that you cannot claim that there was an object at a particular place at all! All you can say is that, you saw a thing in that place. So, merely the sensory information is real.
Another philosophy, Presentism, is the idea that only the present moment is real. Past and future do not exist. Only the present physical moment is considered to be true for a Presentist.
On the contrary, Eternalism, argues that all the moments of time; past, present or future are real. All the theories about fate, destination and time travel are true according to Eternalists.

In my understanding, all these different ideologies cannot be accepted by all, there will always be differences in opinion. For, some might go with the idea of void or non-existence of anything other than the present time, and some might believe in infinity or the dimensions of time to be true. Whatever it is, “Time” is common between these two ideas. Whether there is a copy of this time in other dimension or if everything outside this moment is an illusion, the truth is that you are living in the moment of time. I think, “Valuing time” is the key here. Make the full use of the moment and try to be satisfied with the result of utilizing the moment effectively. In turn, you will sense happiness.

Knowing Life’s Purpose/Goal or Finding Pleasure in Moments

There are a set of people who follow Nihilism (An idea that there is no set purpose, value or goal in life.), do not believe in working towards something in life as there is no destination at all.  Hedonism is almost like Nihilism, but, has a belief that we have a common goal or intrinsic value, “Pleasure”. They have the tendency to find happiness in whatever they do.

Whether you follow your life’s purpose or you have no goal in life, whether you make use of the time to the fullest in an attempt to achieve your goal or you strive to be happy, the ultimate reality is that time is moving. So again, “Value time and try not to get into negativity.”

Training Self to Emote Positively and to Validate knowledge

Stoicism is another philosophy that focuses on training your emotions to emote positively. The Stoics believe that one’s anger, frustration or sadness are reflections of your own faults rather than blaming outside influence.

Skepticism questions philosophies to validate knowledge. A philosophical skeptic asks for proof of validity of information rather than result, thus there is a refinement that happens in the philosophy itself.

I kind of love the concept of training your emotions to respond positively. I can easily relate it to Meditation and Yoga or any other spiritual practice. Rely on your own emotions and reactions, not blaming the source of action. How true is that!

For a non-philosophical person, I am breaking down these complex concepts into these simple points:

* You are important.
* Do not over-think.
* Simply live your life. Enjoy the moment.
* Value time.
* Do not get into negativity.
* Train your emotions to respond positively.

These interesting philosophical ideas can guide you through your reasoning phase of awakening self-knowledge. These concepts make you wonder about the infinite depths of existence and possibilities. Mysterious Universe, mysterious Life and mysterious Time…

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