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5 Types of Mom when her kid slips! - Aish

5 Varieties of Mom Reactions when her kid falls while cycling

At this generation, how a Mom reacts when her kid falls from a bicycle is hilariously expressed as a script writing. Visualize through these Mom with the script and bring into Action the humorous reactions.  We tend to envision ourselves in any of these types and relate a lot with their features.

5 Types of Mom when her kid slips.

Script, Screen play and Action!

Synopsis: A usual play scene of children on the street in front of their apartments. Moms are standing in the close by corner having their evening chat among themselves looking up to their playing kids. Few kids are enjoying themselves by cycling around.

A video of five types of Mom in such a situation with only the Mom on the screen and eye level expression when in conversation with kid and others. Sometimes the voice of other Mom friend is required.

Situation: The Kid while cycling skids and falls on the street just 100 meters from his home and gets a small scratch on his elbow.

1. The Panic Mom

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Characteristic description: This Mom panics a lot for tiny incidents by creating a havoc in the place. Though normal in appearance, she gets tensed instantly even in the situations where others feel it to be small. With excess anxiety and exaggeration, not only does the Mom be but makes all around her to feel the pressure.

Appearance: Everyday appearance with clean and neat clothes, completely normal but totally freaks out in some situations.

Location: On the street standing close by to where the kid cycles.

The Panic Mom though standing close by to where her son is cycling, rushes when she sees him slip. Looking at her son, she shreaks, “OMG Pranav, what has happened to your elbow? Such a big scratch!” Did you get hurt anywhere else? Are you fine?” Searches for her fellow Mom friends and calls them screaming, “Look at Pranav… Shikha, Mamta, Reena! How big is his scratch? It really seems so big that I need to take him to the hospital. Better if our family doctor attended him. Will call Pranav’s dad to pick us up immediately.” 

Calls her husband who is in office and says, “Rohit, Pranav has got a big hurt in his elbow. Come home immediately, we need to see Dr. Shukla now.” Hangs down the phone before she could get any reply.

Now sees around her fellow Mom friends and in dismay asks, “I think Pranav needs some water to drink, Reena, can you please fetch”. “Shikha, can you please bring the first aid kit from home, it’s just at the table near the couch.” “Mamta, it would be better to park the bicycle in the parking area before we leave to hospital, right?” The Panic Mom keeps walking around the same place, looks at her phone, goes near her kid, looks for her friends whether they are doing their assigned tasks and searches for her husband’s car on the street. Repeats till she sees the car.

Once the Panic Mom sees her husband’s car, grabs her kid, grabs water bottle from Reena and first aid kit from Shikha. Holding the things in her hand and by never allowing her husband to talk, freaks out, “Rohit, Dr. Shukla would be available now, talk to him immediately saying we are on the way to his clinic.” Turns to her Mom friends she yells, “Thanks and Bye all!”

2. The Talkative Mom

Characteristic Description: This Mom keeps talking with her fellow friends and gets so involved, that she forgets the world around her. Always indulged in her memories and childhood thoughts, she shares all that she remembers, relating to any present circumstance.

Appearance: Dressed decently as being desperate in talking and citing childhood experiences according to the arising situations. (who knows, might cite her wardrobe childhood experiences if situation occurs).

Location: On the street standing close by to where the kid cycles.

The Talkative Mom picking up a Besan ladoo made by one of the Mom friends (Just showing a box of laddo from the camera), “Oh, I love besan ladoo, Thanks Roopa. My Mom says that I used to eat almost 6 to 7 ladoos when I was just of Amaya’s age. You know, Amaya too loves them but not eats as much as I did.”Laughingly takes a quick glance around and says, “Always feel that Amaya keeps calling me whenever I talk.” One of her Mom friends says, “It is Amaya calling you, and it is now for the fourth time she is screaming MOM”. Turns around and calls out, “Come here Amaya, what is there for you to shout when am nearby.”

Seeing her kid’s scratch in the elbow, she continues her talk again by rubbing off the arm gently, (Her eye contact is on her friends while her hand keeps on gently rubbing with her handkerchief), “You know, when I was of Amaya’s age, I fell off from my bicycle seeing a car coming in front of me. Yes, I thought my dad was holding the bicycle while I was riding and was conversing with him. But suddenly turned around when I could hear no reply from my dad, I got scared and seeing the car in front, left my balance.” Smilingly she nods to Amaya that everything is fine and signs her off to play while continuing another experience to her friends by turning towards them. She continues to them, “A small scratch, just like the one I got when I fell.”, waving Bye to Amaya!

3. The Adviser Mom

Characteristic Description: This Mom thinks her kid would be perfect only by following all the rules and abide by the advises imposed. So a small mistake is definitely because of not acting according to the rules laid.

Appearance: According to the situation dresses up, now for this scene she has worn casual tracks and tee with a little temper in face wishing everything to be perfect.

Location: Standing close to where the kid rides.

The Adviser Mom, waving Hi to Mom friends, screams, “Pritam, Careful!”When he falls, she sighs, “Oh No Pritam, you fell. See! This what happens when you don’t listen and not follow the rules. I had reminded you to look straight, sit upright and concentrate on the road. How can you be so careless Pritam, did you recollect the rules I had told before touching the bicycle? Look at the scratch on your elbow, it could get worse if you lend no ear to my words. Nowadays you seem to be careless often.”

Sitting beside him on the same place where he fell, she starts repeating her advice while rubbing the scratch with a wet napkin (always carries a water bottle and a napkin along), “Look Pritam, now listen carefully, c’mon tell all the rules.” (nodding her head in acknowledgement as if repeating what he tells), fingering the numbers, “Yes, 1. Start from the corner and not from the middle of the road, 2. Focus on the road, 3. Sit on the seat, 4. Look straight 5. Pedal with confidence. Now start again and do your best!” Looks on, observes how her kid rides and nods fast (looking at the camera) excitedly expresses, “Finally, after a lot of repeated advises he is now on track. See, Mom’s advice is always wise!"

 4. The Blogger Mom

Characteristic Description: This Mom is always with her tablet immersed in thoughts of what would her next article be. Deep in her dream, she cares not about what’s happening around her till she completes.Images are equally important for an article, she does get that by capturing and then finally publishing.

Appearance: Very simple clothes, just like being at home, as her full concentration is in writing and posting articles in her blog.

Location: A bench on the usual place where she sits with her fellow Mom friends, closer to where her kid cycles.

The Blogger Mom sitting on her usual place, writes, looks up, stares, again starts writing. Her Mom friends call out, “Shreeja! So early as usual? When did you come?” Without answering, she shows her forefinger (indicating to wait a minute), finishes typing the line and then looks up asking, “Hey, when did you come? Why so late?” And while one of the Mom friend is replying to her, “We were all discussing about the upcoming school project which are to be submitted next week. Did you get any idea…”? Before she could finish, the Blogger Mom starts, “Talking about idea, am now working on a new blog post, do you guys have any idea to share. Oh Wait! Wow! Got an idea, Blog title – 5 Ideas for writing a new blog post or 5 simple Methods to complete a school project in two days or…”

While thinking, she looks at her kid falling. Rushing to the place with her tablet, she immediately takes picture of the elbow with scratch and the other unhurt elbow, arranging the kid’s hand for the picture. Makes a collage of the picture with one hand, while nursing the scratch on her kid with the wet tissue with her other hand. Running back to where she was sitting, with a smile she starts her new blog post, “5 simple ways to nurse a wound” and yelling at her kid, “Carry on Sid, all is Well.” (shows thumps up high up in the air) and posts the collage too.

 5. The Superstitious Mom

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Characteristic Description: This Mom determines the present situation of a person according to their numerology or star position. Be it good or bad, this Mom forecasts with their future signs and tries to cast off the bad. As per this Mom, Time is an essential factor.

Appearance: Traditional wear with watch and talks about the auspicious signs and times according to the respective stars of the people.

Location: On the street standing close by to where the kid cycles.

The Superstitious Mom, “Ishaan, stop! You started to pedal before I asked you to commence? Wait for a minute…O. K, now you start.” Looking at one of her Mom friends, she starts, “Madhu, you said that your husband is trying his luck to move abroad? The coming month is auspicious as per your husband’s star. So, he can try at that time.”

Suddenly noticing her kid falling, she rushes to him, picks up the sand and holds her in fist. With the sand in her closed fist, she starts to rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise, without making the kid move an inch. Then, saying,” Kisike Nazar na lagen”, takes the sand and washes it from her kid’s water bottle after going to some corner. Comes back to where the kid is, picks his bicycle and him and starts walking to her home. “Ishaan so much of Buri nazar on you beta. Enough of playing outside today, we’ll see Tomorrow.” She shouts out to her Mom friends, while quickly turning towards her home, “We’ll see tomorrow, Bye all!”

So, How many of us have come across such personalities? Which Mom are you or Who is that Mom whom you feel would be the One?

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