Friday, 16 December 2016

6 Tips to Deal with Stress/ Anxiety- Pri

Have you ever felt like you are lost between the juggling roles you play, in today’s fast-paced life? Do you feel that every time the situation takes control of you, leaving you crippled? And do you often think “Why me?”. 

If your answer is “Yes” to all these questions, chances are that you are battling stress like millions of other people! Yes, you heard it right. There are millions who deal with stress and anxiety in their day-to-day lives. Be it a student, parent or a business person. In fact, it could be the pilot who is flying the plane you are travelling in, right now… Eeeek!

More than a year after a Germanwings co-pilot crashed a plane (carrying 150 people) into French Alps, studies have come that the pilot was depressed and he deliberately crashed the plane. Unfortunately, this may not be an isolated incident. According to a new study published by the Journal Environmental Health recently; hundreds of pilots flying commercial planes may be clinically depressed, based on their anonymous web-based survey!

This CNN news article just threw me off! I have never imagined pilots in such helpless situations, I have always envisioned them as the most alert, skilled, and mentally strong people on the planet. This article is an eye-opener to me because it shows, what you see can be often deceiving. Here is what I think about stress and anxiety, and how I think one should deal with them.

Stress and Anxiety are not new and they have been there forever, the way we deal with it should change so that we gain full control in our hands. In any kind of situation, how we feel and deal is completely our choice. No external force can change the way you think or react to a situation. Of course, one cannot take responsibility of others actions; one could certainly take control of their own reactions! The key trick is to exactly know where you should tap, to change a situation if needed. This can be possible only when you are calm from inside.

Stress can be significantly reduced when acceptance is embraced; when you cannot change things “letting it go” opens-up new doors and solutions to the problem. This brings a positive attitude healing your body, mind and soul. Apparently, this attitude makes you appreciate things and feel gratified. Most of the times, the most stressed situations become pointless after some time. So, just relax and let the time heal the situation!

6 tips to deal with Stress/ Anxiety:

1. Relax, Reflect and Rejuvenate.
Take deep breaths and relax from inside as you let go. Do some body-stretching and exercising to help the process. Channel your mind towards something you love to do (Hobbies or Music) or try catching-up and talking with good friends. Pamper yourself to clear your head and to feel renewed. When your thoughts are clear, you will find a way out of the stress and your decisions will be right!

2. Eat healthy and Sleep right.
When in stress we tend to skip meals and eat unhealthy as the saying goes, “Stressed spelled backwards is desserts.”! This will lead to problems later, so eat as healthy as ever and pay more attention to food and liquid intake. Limit caffeinated drinks and stop taking alcohol. Why put in toxins in your already stressed body?
Get your eight hours of beauty sleep. Sleep repairs body and a healthy body fuels a healthy mind. So, give importance to sleep; a natural healer!

3. “Me-time Brings Positivity
Appreciate yourself and promote positive vibrations that has the power to steer away from negativity. Just do your best you can and do not expect anything, be open. This attitude will resolve a lot of problems. Reflecting on self or self-realization will calm down your anxiety; meet your higher-self in the process!

4. Humor Aesthetically Heals.
Bring in humor and that will in-turn help you de-stress subtly. You may not be aware of the impact of humor: laughing aloud can be great mood changer and mood elevator. Humor is what humor does.

5. Do not try to be a Superhero.
Accept the truth that one cannot do everything. Do not try to bring control of all the problems and situations. It is impossible to magically solve all the problems like in a fairy tale; we are humans, alright! Always try to see things in other perspectives as well; this will give you assurance that you may not be wrong. Be happy and take pride in what you do and how much you do. Eventually, you will learn that you were always the best after all!

6. Learn, Fix or Seek Help.
Observe yourself to know what triggers anxiety and try to fix or heal. If you have tried hard and still you cannot reduce stress then do not be afraid to get some help. Many people do not admit about their mental-stress issues and they stay away from getting professional help. Social stigma plays a major role in this-- getting help is way better than losing yourself emotionally. 

If you don't think your anxiety, depression, sadness and stress impact your physical health, think again. All of these emotions trigger chemical reactions in your body, which can lead to inflammation and a weakened immune system. Learn how to cope, sweet friend. There will always be dark days.”-- Kris Carr


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