Sunday, 18 December 2016

L-I-F-E with 'E' (First) - Aish

Poems are the short extractions of anything that we feel to like, our thoughts pouring in the form of rhymic state... Kids love and grasp short structured poems as its simple and plausible to recollect when they feel to.

The incredible points jotted on how to relieve stress does help one to rejuvenate and get revitalized with a stress free new life Pri!

L-I-F-E with E :


Our Life takes root with innocence and tenderness as babies, slowly ascending to fascinations and rejections as kids later inculcates Emotional anguishes and elations as we grow!


Let me characterise each with illustrations churning their effects on one's LIFE!


This reminds me of a short story from fables, wherein a wealthy merchant with unconditional love wanting to pet a cat meets a wise sage to name it. After a deep thought, the sage baptized the cat as EGO! The bewildered merchant was replied that he would get to know the reason soon. Happily returned merchant, hastened back to the sage bewailing about his EGO's (Cat) atrocious nature. The merchant after so many trials to cast off his EGO in varied places and it crawling back to his place, finally left it in a deep forest as an enduring solution sought from the sage. But much to his scare, he got lost in the woods! Guess who led him back to his place? His EGO!
Confused Merchant neither worried for his EGO back in his place nor happy for him being back safe, ran to the sage with his EGO!

Merchant : O Holy One, What is that making me keep my EGO, though I want to get rid of it?
The Sage (Smiling): EGO ripens when one exhibits self 'I' with audacity and smugness, thus leading their folks rip far from them. As cats generally love the place where it lives more, naming it EGO thus proves our attitude.  EGO stays with us as far as we desire more than necessity.

To ELIMINATE EGO, one should come out from it by being satisfied and serve others in need financially and physically acclaiming mental contentment. 'E'dit (cut) 'I' and 'Go' (Exit) all Desires.


Comparison is an obsession causing serious rifts among good souls. Has this alegory sprouted up right from the evolution of mankind in most of the homes? Cultivating this abdominal comparability from generations makes one shun or shine than the other, either it goes on with looks, physique, status or studies everything is compared but that definitely does not emphasize a good progress in the growth of a better person.

This does remind me of a true incident which prevailed between two siblings, where one was unceasingly been praised more for appearance and physique by all making even the parents feel proud too. This small constant comparison between the two had created a tremendous change in both their lives, making one feel prouder also get aloof and the other an achiever excelling in other fields. Not all comparisons could lead positive vibes too. Little do all realize when this led to a series of comparisons through generations forming a stir in the lives of their offsprings too. But nevertheless, our generation is growing up smarter and wiser leading to a healthy comparison through sharing, trust and praising the best between each other not falling prey to such blah!

Comparison is irresistible! A Constructive and Appreciative comparison does generate a positive instinct and builds a motivated and magnificent individual.



Subramaniam Gurunathan said...

Yes. Ego is a major hurdle in the progress of life. Recently Actor Mr SivakuMar on Cho's demise, was telling about Cho's grandfather, who was a leading lawyer left suddenly his advocate profession and went to Kasi during his last stage of life and asked his relatives not to disturb him and ended his life as an ordinary man. This requires a lot of conviction to get rid of EGO.

Subramaniam Gurunathan said...

On comparison, I hv come across many parents having same sex children, comparing their traits and making life miserable both for Hildreth and temselves. Yes, u can use comparison for all positive attributes. Good sharing our thoughts.

Chirp Cheer N Chai said...

This indeed is an appropriate example for EGO! 😊😊

Chirp Cheer N Chai said...

Positive Comparison does result in developing a better person! 😊