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Roots from Folks (II)

From a rhyming journey let's blossom beauty dwelling at home. Beauty traverses through centuries and our folks have planted ethnic seeds for eternal appreciation.

We still could feel the freshness and enthusiasm in our grandmom, also we did have expressed our queries for such exquisite beauty.

I truly admire my 80 years old Grandparents dwelling with their uniqueness of staying on their own, using mats to sleep and sit on the ground, still continue their traditional touch on beauty.

Me : Grandma! Tell me the secret that keeps you energetic and fresh-faced?

My daughter (adding up) : Anyone could guess your age to be just 65, looking at your hither and thither slightly uprooted grey hairs and mildly shrunk glowing face Great Granny!

My grandma (smilingly to my daughter) : Have you not questioned your grandmom about these? How is her beauty gleaming still, even at this age?

Just because of following these traditional nuances and natural therapies, we feel the eternal pleasure in many of our homes where in our budding generations could meet up their great ancestors even in this period of life!
We do have noticed few of our earlier generation folks still ignorant of the artificial beauty tinge, though prevailing at our door steps.

Most of us cling to herbals and ayurveda excerising the roots from our folks! Why go to places for experimenting the packed traditional stuff when we dwell with them at home? Let us get the similarities of the present supplements with the traditional products emphasizing their values!

Home dwelling Beauty Kit - Roots from Folks!

Classic Buzz 3 :

Nourishment for Hairs :

We did get the benefits of oil nutriment in Roots from Folks (I) : roots-from-folks-aish.

Here, let's peek into the advantages of utilizing varied products after oil application.

 1. Immerse the Licorice sticks (Mulethi in Hindi ; Athimathuram in Tamil) in water for half an hour. Then blend it to a paste with milk. Apply the paste on the hair for half an hour.
Wash it out with Green gram powder (Hara Moong dal in Hindi ; Payathamavu in Tamil ; Pesalapindi in Telugu) which acts like a conditioner.
Mulethi has medicinal values and promotes hair growth while the vitamin C and antioxidants present in moong dal can also reverse hair loss.

2. Just break a tiny portion of egg and pour out the Albumen or the clear white leaving the yellow yolk to a container. Apply on the oily hair for almost 15 minutes, then wash it with Acacia concinna (Shikakai in Indian Languages).
Egg whites are rich in proteins ; are essential source of vitamins and minerals enhancing nourishment for the scalp and the roots of hair.

3. Blending the Black Sesame seeds to a paste fabricates the essence of henna. Apply this paste and then wash with Shikakai. Natural remedy for grey hairs.

4. Immerse Soap Nuts (Reetha in Hindi ; Boondi Kottai in Tamil ; Kumkudukaya in Telugu) in hot water for half an hour and just wash it with water after 15 minutes of applying it. One of the best natural shampoos with enriching nutrients building a silky hair with freshness and aroma.

Classic Buzz 4 :

Natural Facial Tools

Why not take up facial utilizing simple ingredients readily obtainable at our home cabinet?

• Cleanser : Cream (Malai in Hindi ; Paal Aadai in Tamil ; Meegadu in Telugu) or Thick sour curd.
Apply and wash with water for a fresh cleansed face.

• Hot steam : Expose the face to the steam from the boiled hot water.

• Face Pack : Mix Rice Flour ( Chawal ka Atta in Hindi ; Arisi Maavu in Tamil ; Biyyam Pindi in Telugu) +
Wheat Flour (Gehoon ka Atta in Hindi ; Godhumai Maavu in Tamil ; Godhuma Pindi in Telugu) +   
Gram Flour (Besan in Hindi ; Kadalai Maavu in Tamil ; Senaga Pindi in Telugu) +
Green Gram Flour (Hara Moong dal in Hindi ; Payathamaavu in Tamil ; Pesala Pindi  in Telugu) with Rose water or curd for a pack. Apply for 15 minutes to get a fresh and energetic glow. Two slices of Cucumbers soothe our eyes.

• Bleach : Apply the juice of Tomato or Orange to obtain the gleam.

Classic Buzz 5 :

Few Homespun Titbits :

Turmeric or Wild Turmeric (Jangli Haldi in Hindi ; Kasthuri Manjal in Tamil) controls pimples and rashes.

Generally we augment our facial beauty with minimal makeup for attending functions, weddings or important occasions.
Erasal of make-up before heading to bed is especially true because the skin repairs itself at night while we sleep, so makeup can clog our pores and not allow the skin to breathe. It can cause uneven skin tone, dryness, redness, acne, and even deepening of wrinkles. 
Being a Classical dancer, after each of my performances, I remove my make up with cotton dipped in the mixture of Olive oil and coconut oil. A serene home accessory!

Climatic changes cause a lot of change in our skin and body, to beat the chill out during winter in a natural way let's sneak into Amazing-natural-winter-therapies-Aish
Read on for DIY-essential-skincare-for-beginners-Pri

These Home Dwelling Beauty kits emerged through generations undertaking the grace, glow and exalts the rich traditions of our folks!


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