Thursday, 8 December 2016

Roots from Folks! - Aish

That indeed was splendid nowadays outsmart us with their unique catch on.

    YES...We, during our childhood gather in our home town wherein all our cousins and relatives show up, enjoy yummy delights, immerse in the natural health boost of our grandmomma. We bring back memories, compliments, gifts and not to forget the important tips of grandma.

     Today in this busy life, we do meet up with our folks digitally getting all the love whenever we feel to. The Roots pass on from Grandma to Mom and from us to our kids. How fascinating our traditions are when we step into?

Roots from Folks (I) 
It so happened when my Lil one, 3 yrs then used to fuss about getting her hair washed..

Her : Mommy! Please! Why not body wash today too?
This was her usual dialogue whenever I had to wash her hair.

Me : (Started singing her favorite songs, thinking still she needs time to understand though I generally point her the goodness)

Her : (Seeing me dip in oil for her hair massage) Mommy! Why not use soap for hair too?
This was when I thought it's right time to explain all the benefits of our traditional products.

Classic Buzz 1 :

Sesame Oil and Besan (Gram flour) for our hair and body!

Heat 2 table spoons of Sesame oil along with urud dal (split bean) + black pepper balls + Jeera (Cumin) + a clove of Garlic.

Why these Ingredients?

Sesame Oil : Acts as the Absorbant enriching the scalp and provides firmness for the roots of hair.

Urud dal : Protects from dandruff and strengthens the layers.

Jeera : Rich in Vitamin C, Cumin prevents active grey hair growth.

Black pepper balls : Helps from getting cold and improves the immune.

Garlic : Acts in eliminating gastric waves from our body.

 For Infants, Coconut oil is applied instead of Sesame as Coconut oil with its lighter effects soothes the growing tender hairs..

Why wash out with Besan (for kids)/ Shikakai? These enrich the scalp and help the oil applied to nourish the roots by providing grip and growth of hair.

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Traditionally, our folks had used these for both body and hair establishing good health benefits free from ailments!




Subramaniam Gurunathan said...

These are the tips from - " Patti Vaidhyam" - Will be useful for the young generations starting from ur daughters to follow, practise and pass on to future generations. Good job. Try to be consistent in ur effort.

Chirp Cheer N Chai - PriAish said...

Thank you 😊 True that our traditional values flow on with no bounds!!