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Amazing Parks of Idaho : Travel Experience - Guest Post

We are glad to introduce our wonderful guest Melisa Marzett, a writer and blogger with a fascinating profile in Google + . Passion with travelling and writing, Melisa has come up with this amazing travel experience.

Here, in this guest post she explains about the Amazing Parks of Idaho.

Land of Yankee Fork

Land of Yankee Fork was founded in 1990 and dedicated to the first Idaho state colonists.
There is history museum, Bonanza, Silver city and other ghost towns where gold was mined since the year 1870. Heavy growth in this area began in 1880`s, where population of one of them reached 600 people. A ghost town is left only with a few rebuilt buildings, cemetery and amazing stories of gold miners.

Visitors of Land of Yankee Fork is offered a chance to read or view excursions and
historical interpretations, museum exhibit items and to listen to audiovisual programs. There are special lounge area, parking for quadricycles, souvenir shops. There are private campings nearby the historical places in the woods for those who enjoy outdoor recreation especially.

Massacre Rocks Park

Massacre Rocks Park was opened in 1967 over 4 km2 area. Those are famous history
places where Indians attacked colonists who went through Oregonian and Californian paths.
Many colonists cut their names and dates on the rocks, which came down to us. There are round stones nearby the southern bank of Snake river, which are called Gates of Death. For those who enjoy having picnics, there are special places near fire and barbecue, also houses with conditioners and with heating for overnight.

Park is a popular place among rock climbers who may enjoy numerous climbing routes.
There is a new field for playing golf in the parking zone. There are 9 holes nearby the place for picnic, on the side of the parking area. In addition, there is a history center for visitors where everyone can get to know everything about geology of the park, as long as there are volcanic proves of dead volcano on its whole territory.

Round Lake Park

Round Lake Park offers its visitors an opportunity to organize a picnic with an overnight,
walks along pedestrian paths through the woods, bike rides and fishing. You may rent a boat, a scooter or just to swim here. At winter time, rent of skis and snowmobiles are at one`s service on the territory of the park.

Numerous tourists come over here in order to enjoy a uniqueness of nature. There are
flights of Canadian geese flying above pines and larch-trees while lakes are stocked with river perches and cutthroats. Walking through the bank, you can see turtles while reeds are stocked with ondatras. Small ponds and dams are seen along pedestrian paths through woods in Round Lake where beavers live.

Thousand Strings Park

Thousand Strings Park is opened since 2005; privately held ranch was here before in
2001 bought out by the state. It is located nearby the Snake River in Hagerman valley. Those who enjoy active outdoors, the park attracts with its waterfalls, natural National parks such as Niagara-Springs and Malad water gap where in times of Wild West robbers were hiding.
One may do fishing on the territory of the park, also to rent a boat or canoe in order to do float along the river. You may do horse riding within the territory of Billingsley Creek riding hall. Ritter Island is one of the places of interest, which tells a story of this area where agricultural lands were and milk farm.

Bruno Dunes National Park

Bruno Dunes National Park was founded in 1970 located to the south from Mountain
Home desert. Its territory is of more than 2000 hectares.

Park includes a few big sand dunes about 150 meters high, wet moors and a lake. One
may do fishing, swimming, and tourism, watch birds; watch a star sky on the territory of the park. Those who are into extreme may do climbing with experienced instructors watching.
A cozy camping is at tourists` service where one may have a picnic or barbecue. There is
a possibility to view information on wild nature of the region, including flora and fauna and do shopping in souvenir shot in the study center. Unique nature of Bruno Dunes may become a perfect decoration for beautiful pictures reminding about unforgettable time in this wonderful place.

Castle Rocks National State

Castle Rocks National Park is a unique place for excellent time spending in close vicinity
to wild nature. It was founded in 1999 and occupy an area of around 600 hectares.
Located along the edge of the Santa-Cruise mountain, the park includes deserts, forests
and sharp canyons covered with unusual rocky masses. 32 kilometers of especially marked pedestrian paths through the woods and ridings cross it through. Castle Rocks is a paradise for climbers living here unforgettable feelings. There is a comfortable hotel 2.5 kilometers from the park where tourists may stay over for excursion time period. Cozy campings are located on the territory of the park in piney wood.

National park takes the bigger part of the area and access to its territory is limited for
visitors. There are rare and disappearing species of flora and fauna gathered. You may read and view information on wild nature and wonderful pictures.

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Author:  Melisa Marzett is a writer, author and blogger who writes on
various topics. She is a writer @ Fast Custom Writing Help and all of her works are in her wonderful profile @ Google+ . She loves what she does and cannot spend a day without writing. Also, she is fond of reading, communicating with other people especially if those are people from different cultures exchanging experience, outdoor activities. She even likes the occasional green tea Frappuccino from Starbucks.

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