Thursday, 17 May 2018

The Memorable Gift : Poem - Aish

To the store we went to purchase,
Two wonderful shawls without any haste.
For my uncle in abroad,
With my Aunt, Cousins, Mom and Dad.

There was a Pashmina Shawl so beautiful,
That turned my Mom’s heart wishful.
But she felt not that important to possess,
As the climate outside had heat to caress.

Thoughts were on the shawl for Mom,
Even after we all coming home.
But Mom along with all of us was quite glad,
To get the stuff uncle wished he had.

Next day, we had a surprise visitor,
It was Dad’s old friend from Jaipur.
Having come for an official trip,
He and Dad took a hot coffee sip.

Along with them having coffee and chitchat,
We all too had fun and sat.
Dad’s friend presented a gift,
Which I opened in a swift.

It was a beautiful Pashmina Shawl,
Which Mom yearned after all.
A memorable gift that one can never part,
Which remains forever in our heart.

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