Thursday, 17 May 2018

Love you MOM! - Aish

Mother’s Day come every year, but being everyday with our Mother is a gift. This real incident happened in our home with the emotions, departure, yearn, affection and love.

Our home too was filled with joy, tense, excitement, anticipation and deep thoughts on this day, as it happens in each home during the day of 12th board exam results.
“Shyam, Dad’s on phone. He wants to talk to you.” I shouted and gave the receiver to him when he came running with anxiety, uttering “Must be my results!”

The contented smile on his face made us feel happy that he got more than expected. Dad was all smiles when he reached home and said, “With such good percentage you would definitely get into the college of your choice.”

This did happen and Shyam was ready packing his stuff to one of the prestigious institutions in our country but quite far from us. Going to North India is quite a thought for people down south and to a place near our Capital city is way beyond it. Our bags were pretty filled with warm stuffs as the temperature up there would be low comparatively.

Mom covered herself with the Pashmina shawl that Dad had gifted, when leaving from home. That shawl was so dear to Mom as it was the first gift Dad gave her after their marriage. Dad had bought this from Chandigarh during his Official trip just before their wedding. So, whenever we travel, the shawl would be her first companion.

We all loved his college, hostel and his instant friends who were freshers like him. We spent a day exploring the place and finally had to bid farewell to him. It was such an emotional adieu for all of us, the first-time parting for a longer period. Shyam laid his head on Mom’s lap, just as he does always whenever he feels low, with tears rolling on. It was time for our flight and we had to depart with heavy hearts.

With our thoughts engrossed with memories and events, we reached the Airport and were ready to board our flight, when Mom realized that her shawl was missing. She could vaguely remember her wearing the shawl in Shyam’ s college but could not recall whether she started to Airport with it, on her.

Already with Shyam’ s departure and with the shawl missing, Mom was totally perplexed when she entered home. She started murmuring, “What is Shyam doing? So worried whether he ate and slept well.” Controlling her emotions, she sat and looked at her lap were he used to lay his head on.  Just then, our landline started to ring, “Shyam!” Dad shouted with glee hearing his voice through phone. Mom grabbed the receiver gently from Dad as she could not control her happiness to hear his voice. It was as though applying the right medicine for her inner grief.

“Ma, I did miss you so much. I did miss sleeping on your lap. But I really had a good sleep last night, way than I thought. I had the feeling that I slept on your lap. All thanks to you Ma for leaving your shawl behind. Placing the folded shawl under my head, I felt as if I was laying my head on your lap. Love you Ma!” exclaimed Shyam delightfully.

Mom could express no words hearing this. Happiness knew no bounds on her face when she slowly placed down the receiver and started on with her daily chores, back with her sweet smile. Her treasure is with her priceless possession.

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