Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Buttermilk- Pri.

Me: Hi! (Seeing my four-year old in the kitchen)

Him: Hi mom! (Opens the refrigerator and searches for something.)

Me: Sweetie, are you looking for something?

Him: I want Butter-milk.

Me: We are out of butter-milk, you could have some juice if you want.

Him: No, that’s okay. (Pauses. Says in a low voice)
         But, I wanted it badly!

Me: Awww… I am sorry.

Him: (Thinks. Face brightens suddenly, as though he has got the best idea ever!)
        Mom, you have butter?

Me: Yes.

Him: (With sparkling eyes)
         You have milk?

Me: (Realizing what he is up to)

Him: Then, mix both we’ll have butter-milk!


I had to stop what I was doing and I had to have a short chat with my son to tell him how butter-milk is made.

Kids these days, do not know the good-old methods at all!  Unfortunately, they are so used to the processed, ready-made and not-so-healthy type of foods that they are not aware how real food is made. I remember when we were young, how our grandma used to churn butter out of butter-milk. The sound itself is immensely soothing, I bet,  it would beat all the stress-relief music available out there!

There are so many golden memories that are associated with simple, fresh and healthy routines; each moment is inscribed in our minds forever. I am afraid, I may not be able to give such beautiful memories to my children! We try our best to share our childhood memories and to describe our grandparents’ love and kindness without fail. We refer to a particular great grandparent when talking about certain values of life. We are often amazed at the children's ability to quickly relate and make a connection, so eloquently!

I think, these values will go a long way. More than giving education and equipping kids with material assets, teaching them life’s lessons is important. After all, we only leave our footsteps behind for the next generations!


Unknown said...

Nice one... expecting more !!😊

Unknown said...

That was great, it's ironical that the new generation are not able to know much about the values of life. Anyway this would definitely enlighten the parents reading to provide a experience for their own children. Good start!

Unknown said...

Thanks Harish and Vineesh! Glad you liked it. 😊