Wednesday, 21 December 2016

The Classic Show (A Lannet) - Pri


Rain drops perform classic movements of dance,
rhythmic moves with grace that create an art.
Gentle showers from the mystic clouds fall,
as million white gift pearls sent from above.

The enticing divine show on the wood  

is like an elegant act on a stage, 
performed to exhilarate the dull minds
to remind the unnoticed fine wonders. 

The water elixir drizzles on the stiff wood,

playing melodies of music; a treat.
The carved trunk wishes to be tree again,
To grow, bloom and live in the rain; a bliss.

Rhythmic moves of grace, the rain drops perform
fused with harmonic tunes; a classic art!   

Form: Lannet

The "Lannet" is a form of sonnet.

The Lannet consists of 14 lines - presentation of such piece is to the poet’s preference. There is a strict syllable count of 10 per line. The Lannet has NO END-LINE RHYMING SCHEME. Only internal rhyme is allowed. There is no stipulance of Iambic form, pentameter or tetrameter for a Lannet.